August 1, 2016



August 1, 2016


Most governments do not know how to spend capital wisely because they do not understand or consider basic economics.  They treat money as something in a budget to be spent.  There is no consideration whether the expenditure will generate a return of the capital spent.  Even if there were such consideration, there is no mechanism to measure performance or punish incompetence. There are benefits to society if government is small but a lot of downside if government just keeps growing larger and larger.


The primary reason for a government to exist is to provide law and order, defense of the country, regulations to insure public safety, regulations for suitable use of land and the environment, a stable currency, and an infrastructure for the common good.  If government limited itself to these responsibilities, then the tax burden on those who work would be quite low. However, most governments go way beyond this primary purpose.


Taxation eats away the capital able for job creation and eats away at the spending power of the population.  There are two other options available to governments to operate instead of more taxation.  One is to borrow money.  The second is to inflate the currency and eventually devaluate it.  This is the mode of operation for many governments of the world. But borrowing is very risky because an economic downturn jeopardizes the ability to pay money back and inflation can rapidly increase interest costs which also make it harder to pay money back. Bankruptcy is another solution when there is too much debt but this is terribly painful as many countries have found out.  The United States is a late joiner to this club but it is already seeing much of its capital wasted by uneconomic projects and concepts.


The fundamental problem of socialistic government is that there is no desire by those in control to be governed by basic economics.  Money is spent for causes, i.e., reduce poverty, provide welfare, provide pensions, provide medical care, provide jobs, etc. But monies spent for so-called “good causes” usually are not effective because the fundamental cause of the problem is not addressed or solved. The usual result is that problems get worse, not better. Much government money is spent to buy votes and to reward friends and vested groups.


There are two ways to reduce income inequality between those who are rich and those who are poor. One way is by wealth transfer. This means taking money from those who have money and giving it to those who have little. This may sound like a noble and wise thing to do on behalf of poorer people but it doesn’t work well. It doesn’t make the poor richer for very long. Instead, everyone becomes poorer except for the elite in government who control the wealth transfer.  The wise thing to do is to create a mechanism whereby everyone who can and wants to work can get a good job (i.e., one that is productive and contributes to capital generation) at a living wage. Almost all good jobs come from the private sector from businesses that make a profit. Of course, some jobs in government are essential for it to carry out its key responsibilities. But “make work” jobs and those created by unnecessary regulations destroy capital and lead to a failing economy; they are not a solution to reducing inequality.


If creating jobs in the private sector is the key to reducing inequality, then it behooves us to find ways to maximize the number of people employed in the private sector.  Here are some suggestions.


The first priority should be to help young people. If young people are to succeed and lead productive lives, they must have basic skills and have a positive attitude and behavior so they will be worth hiring.  But government must also decrease the costs they impose upon businesses and employees that make it too costly to hire young people and pay them a livable wage.  How can this be done? Suppose that up through age 28, young people would have no deductions from their pay stubs: no tax withholding, no deductions from pay for Social Security or medical insurance. They could take home all that they earn which would help them to get a place to live, pay off debts and to begin thinking about having a family one day. The government would not lose too much revenue because new hires have low salaries. The loss in revenue to government would be quickly made up once the young people are over 28. Then they will begin to pay taxes and have deductions but they will be paid more because they will have gained experience and be of more value to their employer.


The second priority must be for government to reduce the cost to businesses for hiring, training and maintaining a young person on the payroll. Remember that every business has to work hard to be profitable. So businesses are very concerned whether a new employee will add to profitability or take away from profitability. Every cost that government adds to a business for paper work, regulations, benefits, litigation, penalties, etc., adds to the cost of having an employee on their payroll and their ability to contribute to profitability. This is especially problematical for a new employee because they have the fewest skills and ability to contribute to profitability.  When government or other factors, such as unions, add too much to the cost to having an employee, businesses turn to automation so they can use machines rather than people. If they don’t, other countries with lower costs will take away the business.


The third priority is that government payments to individuals not working must be significantly less (not just less) than what one could earn by working. What is the incentive for a young person to learn a skill or be industrious or responsible if he or she knows they can scheme to get the government to give them more money than they could earn by working at a job?


The more people there are who are creating a useful product or service, the better off the society will be.  The more people not working or creating something useful, the poorer is the quality of life in a society. Why are some cities so decrepit and full of crime? Because there are not enough people there doing useful work and creating capital for investment. Instead, too many people in these decrepit cities are skilled at destroying what has been created by others.


There is an axiom that every person should understand. It explains where wealth comes from. The wealth and the creation of capital for investment by a society is generated from the sum of each individual’s creation of a useful product or service.  In other words, people who work and do something useful, create a society’s wealth. People who do not produce something useful, consume society’s wealth.


A forth priority is that taxes on business profits should be eliminated because this tax directly destroys capital, increases the cost of products that people buy and increases the cost of having workers on the payroll. What do taxes on profits of a business do? Do they make the business more responsible? Probably not. Do they reduce high salaries of the top executives?  Probably not. Do they increase the amount of money businesses spend on lobbying Congress.  Definitely yes. Does it increase the cost of products.  Definitely yes. Does it increase the pressure on a business to cut costs unmercifully to try to maintain profitability? Definitely yes. The ultimate payer of taxes on businesses is the consumer. They pay the tax in the form of higher prices. Politicians try to keep taxes hidden from those who really pay them because you, the consumer, really pay them in the form of higher costs. When I was a boy, a postage stamp cost 3 cents and a loaf of bread was 15 cents. Today costs are 15 to 20 times higher. A major part of this increase is due to business taxation, excess paper work and the extensive printing of new money (another form of taxation).


Consumers are led to believe that taxing businesses is a way to shift a tax burden from them to someone else. They are wrong. They are paying the tax anyway. On the other hand, when taxes on business profits are reduced or eliminated, then it becomes easier to pay higher wages to employees and keep product prices from rising. It is a way to reduce income inequality and raise the quality of life for the poorest.


Everyone knows that it is desirable in a society for people to find jobs that will provide them enough income so they can survive, raise a family and have a good quality of life.  We often heat politicians claim that they can create jobs. But this raises a key principle. “Creating a job is simple but creating a “good” job is difficult”. What is the distinction?  Once again, a “good” job is one that produces something of value and service or a useful product.  It must be something that someone is willing to pay for. But there is a caveat. If a wage for a job is more than the value it creates, then the cost for a business will rise. The business must then increase its prices or else it will be harmed. If we agree that it is desirable to create “good” jobs, then it means that the more wages that an employee can keep will help the employee and the more skills the employee; and, has makes him more valuable.


Bottom line:  A job that is created for the sake of a job but which creates nothing useful but waste and “red tape” hurts everyone but mostly the poor and the young.


Politicians use charisma and promises to get you to vote them into power. Some are ethical and honest but many use the communistic “Saul Alinsky” campaign strategy which is to lie like crazy and castigate your opponent unmercifully. These unethical candidates usually promise lower income voters all kinds of freebies and benefits. They may look like a good deal for these voters but the reality is that most of these freebies are so-called Ponzi schemes. This is a scheme where the initial recipients get something good but then the money runs out.


It is time to recognize that economics counts when it comes to reducing income inequality.  The poor are not going to be helped in the long term by government spending which wastes capital. The poor will be helped by understanding that capital must be spent wisely to create good jobs and by making it easier for businesses to make a profit and hire the young.


I close with a comment on income redistribution.  Unfortunately, income redistribution is an employed strategy for cultivating the favor of large blocks of voters.  In this manner, voters maintain loyalty to those who promise to take from Wall Street and the “evil rich” to support the government.  Since voters with lower incomes have the incentive to vote for higher taxes on the wealthy.  The end result is a smaller tax base that supports a financial burden that increases exponentially with time.


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On Income Inequity

June 30, 2016

July 1, 2016

 I.  Reviewing the Inequity Problem

 For the past 40 years (WOW!), our family regularly vacations for a week in or around the Easter break at the fabulous Sandcastle Hotel in Sarasota.  During this period, I always make time to visit with my fraternity brother and fellow Cooper Union graduate (chemical engineering) Dick Graven.  Dick had a long and successful career at Mobil, ultimately rising to become Head of all engineering.  Last year, Dick, a prolific writer, penned an article titled “A Cure for Inequity.”

Dick has provided me with permission to use part or all of his article, and after some deliberation, I have decided to provide the readers with an edited 2-part series for the AS I SEE IT Newsletter.   The edited versions are titled “Reviewing the Inequity Problem” and “Providing a Cure for Income Inequity.” This article addresses the first topic.


The magic formula for a society to escape poverty is when money flowing from a successful business in the form of profits and employee wages finds its way to start or expand other businesses which also become successful.  In other words, businesses that are profitable create capital for investment.  Profit is the engine that energizes the process.  Profit is like a good virus.  It spreads far and wide to industrialize a society so that it generates jobs, salaries and more profits.  That is what happened in the United States since its founding and it is why it is such an industrial powerhouse.

Communism was once the ultimate political system to accomplish wealth transfer.  It proposed to do this through government control of all the means of producing goods.  Private ownership was eliminated.  All land and all businesses would become the property of government.  All of industry and farming would be controlled by a centralized government through collectives and strict conformity.  Wages would be uniform based upon the communist principle of “each according to his ability, each according to his need”.  This meant that there was no reward for merit or hard work.  Dissent was not tolerated and was punished because “the end justifies the means”.  In others words troublemakers would be eliminated by death or internment because the cause of communism was so noble that any means to eliminate dissent was justified.  Profit was eliminated as a criteria for running any enterprise.  Production quotas were the substitute for the concept of profits.

Propaganda and control of information is an essential weapon of communism.  This political system takes every opportunity to demean free enterprise societies and the concept of profits and/or the wise use of capital.  It is particularly adept at infiltrating education systems to corrupt young minds toward radicalism and class warfare.  Lying and twisting the truth is a common weapon, once again, because “the end justifies the means”.  Sadly, once a communistic society is established, it is almost impossible to return to a free society.  Those in control have a secret police, an army, and a sophisticated propaganda system.  Whenever insurrection brews, it is put down forcibly and life returns to a government controlled environment.  Since capital is always in short supply there is little priority for “doing things right” or improving the environment, preserving the planet, or conserving energy.  The shortage of capital is aggravated by the need to inflate the monetary system to pay off debt.  That, of course, hurts anyone who relies on savings.

It took 75 years before the available capital of the Soviet Union was used up.  The country went bankrupt in 1991.  Russia is the biggest remnant of the Soviet Union and it survives as a police state and a capitalist oligarch.  Profit is still an unappreciated term there and worker productivity and product quality is very poor.  There is no significant competition to give the customer a choice and insure the wise use of capital.  Capital growth and domestic product growth are also very poor.  However, the leaders and the elite of a communist state live very well indeed, even when their people are starving.

A word about China.  The first 40 years of this country under strict communism were a disaster for the people of China.  Tens of millions died due to starvation or persecution.  Now China is more enlightened.  It does permit some private ownership and some free enterprise industries.  Also, the Chinese are hardworking and many are very well educated and skilled.  Still, it is a police state controlled by a privileged elite that often spends capital recklessly and unwisely.  They could face very severe economic problems in the future.

Socialism is a less militant form of Communism.  This political system now recognizes that government run businesses are not a solution to create prosperity so instead it relies on massive government and massive control of free market businesses.  Socialist governments are very large and very inefficient.  They consume a great deal of the wealth of a country.  As per Greece, and to lesser extent in the United States, government workers are seldom fired for incompetency and it is difficult to reward merit.  There is little accountability for misspending, projects that go awry, and gross inefficiency.  Pensions and benefits are very generous.  As a result, taxes are very high.  The goal of socialism is to maximize social benefits to its citizens while giving power and benefits to its elite and its bureaucracy.  Helping businesses to be profitable or using capital wisely is not a priority of socialism.  Instead, tax rates on businesses and individuals are often so high as to be confiscatory, and raising taxes further makes the economy falter and does not generate additional government revenue.  The expansion of social benefits can become so great that socialistic societies often must borrow vast sums of money because government revenues from taxation are insufficient.  This created debt eventually leads to bankruptcy, currency devaluation, and poverty for its people.

Communism and socialism fail because they do not appreciate the importance of capital and the essential need to use it wisely.  Most people today are unaware of this fact.  A society that wastes too much of its capital with no way to replenish it will eventually fail.  Borrowing money may keep it going for a while but eventually debt will get so high that the day of reckoning comes and the country goes bankrupt.  Where is there proof of this statement that wasting capital leads to the demise of a society?  The proof is all around us.  It is demonstrated by the failure of societies which have taken available capital and spent it as if it were free money with no consequences as to how it is spent.  Consider the poverty of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and other heavily socialistic countries.  Capital in these countries is just something to be squandered.  Greece has done the same thing and its people are now facing unpleasant remedies and difficult times.

Communist and excessively socialistic countries demonize free societies that are concerned about sustaining capital and profits.  They do so because societies that do appreciate the importance of capital and profit, such as South Korea and Singapore, make communistic and socialistic societies look very bad by contrast.

In the United States we have been conditioned by the media and leftist propagandists to react to the words capital and profit as something bad.  The media often needs a bad guy in their stories so who can they choose?  It is not politically correct to choose a nationality or a race or a country or a religion or an “ism”.  So why not make business people into the bad guys who want to destroy the world.  How many business people do you know that actually have tried to destroy the world? None that I can think of.  However, I know of many dictators and nations that have tried to conquer others.  I know of many businesses that were destroyed by governments but I know of no governments that were destroyed by businesses.  The idea that all businessmen are just greedy souls trying to make outrageous profits is absolutely wrong.  Any successful business knows that it must act in the interests of its customers first – otherwise, it soon will not have customers.  This not true of government.  Government is a monopoly.  They don’t have to be nice to customers because their customers have nowhere else to go.  It is true that businesses can also misuse and divert capital and profit.  But this abuse can be and should be controlled.  The big problem is that governments are the major misusers of the capital derived from profits.  Meanwhile, the media keeps condemning businesses as the source of the problem.

There are many other things that are needed for success.  Here is one of the most important things that people must realize is that no society can elevate itself from poverty unless capital for investment is treasured, valued and used wisely.  It is only investing capital wisely that a society can create the products and services that are vital for creating a civilized, high standard of living society.  Obviously, just having capital available to start or expand a business is not all that is needed to make a business profitable.  There are so many other things that are needed for success.  Here are some of the most important:

  • There must be adequate numbers of people willing to work and they must have skills and knowledge that are useful and appropriate.
  • There must be law and order, plus honesty and truth.
  • Money must have a stable value.
  • There must be an incentive to work rather than not to work.
  • Innovation, creativity and efficiency must be encouraged.
  • Government must not stifle business through excessive taxation and/or regulations, or siphon off business capital funds by intimidation, bribery or confiscation.
  • Government must provide or allow adequate infrastructure so businesses can function efficiently.

These attributes of a society do not occur by chance.  Society must be made aware that these items are important if inequity is to be addressed.  It is up to parents, schools, government, religions, media and all leaders to teach that these are the attributes that create a successful society.

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May 31, 2016


June 1, 2016


As the winds of war were approaching a Category 5 hurricane during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, there were two political camps in our nation:  one favored isolation and the other was anti-isolation.  The isolationists either refused to believe or ignored the atrocities being committed by the Nazis against Jews, Poles, and (soon after) the Russians, and the Japanese against the Koreans, Chinese, and other southeastern Asian people.  It is now widely accepted that this ideology led to the death and suffering of millions of innocent people; earlier intervention could have unquestionably prevented this.  The isolationists chose to look the other way for fear of shedding American blood on foreign soil.  Joining these isolationists was England’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.  However, former Secretary of State Henry Stimson detested the isolationists.  He warned that “lawlessness in the international order did not confine itself to a few spots; if not contained, like fire, it sparked and flared outward until it burned everything around it.”  Few were ready to heed his warning.


What subsequently occurred is now history, and it is Winston Churchill (my hands-down selection for Man of the 20th Century) that we now have to thank for both our survival and current way of life.  Keep in mind that we, as a nation, have a past history of ignoring danger, of underestimating evil forces, and of lacking discipline and resolve.


When growing up, I was told in school that we can learn a lot from history.  Have our current leaders learned anything from history?  You be the judge.  But, I believe Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is the second coming of Neville Chamberlain.  Thanks to BHO, with his reckless and insane policies, the world today is fast approaching the equivalent of WWIII.  At a minimum, this supposed man of peace has wrought devastation on the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  Some people simply can’t handle certain jobs.  BHO is one such individual.  One can only hope that his conduct and actions will be corrected in the very near future.


But there is more, and that is what this 5th article on BHO is all about.  It seems that anything this guy touches or gets involved with either goes wrong or turns out to be a disaster.  The guy is absolutely uncanny.  And yes, for those who faithfully read this newsletter, there were the 7 articles in 2009-10 detailing that BHO is (1) dumb; (2) lazy; (3) un-American, (4) corrupt; (5) lying; (6) racist; (7) egomaniac; and, believe I could prove in a court of law that (1) – (7) were in fact true.


Did I mention that there is more?  Here are some notes from my BHO files since the BHO IV article last year.


  1. Bergdahl debacle;
  2. Left equipment in Iraq;
  3. Returned troops to Iraq;
  4. Joe Biden (talk about dumb people) claims victory in Iraq;
  5. ISIS continues to operate;
  6. ISIS continues to expand;
  7. Requires political correctness in military;
  8. Many military feel a sense of betrayal;
  9. Many can’t understand how some serve in the military with BHO at the helm;
  10. The “red line in the sand” comment refuses to go away;
  11. Turned the military into a social experiment;
  12. The dismantling of the military;
  13. Refused to take steps to stop Putin in the Ukraine;
  14. Refused to take steps to stop China in the China Sea;
  15. Signed a nuclear deal that will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power;
  16. Provided Iran with 150 billion dollars on a no-strings-attached basis;
  17. Released Guantanimo inmates who reportedly later killed Americans;
  18. How can a supposed constitutional scholar refer to the 57 states?;
  19. How can a supposed constitutional scholar refer to the corps as corpse?;
  20. Continues to miss many daily meetings;
  21. Continues to ignore earlier Black Panther voting violations;
  22. Told O’Reilly there was “not a smidgen of evidence” concerning the IRS/Lois Lerner conduct;
  23. Maintains that health costs will be cheaper;
  24. Maintains you can keep your doctor;
  25. Palled around with the Castros;
  26. Played golf immediately after a recent massacre;
  27. Attended a basketball game after a recent massacre;
  28. Continues to divide our people;
  29. Refuses to condemn the Black Lives Matter conduct and has instead embraced them;
  30. Provided reduced sentences for convicted drug dealers;
  31. Supports sanctuary cities;
  32. Refused to support Kate’s Law;
  33. Opposed to all forms of firearms;
  34. Opposed to all forms of fracking;
  35. Blanket support of economically disastrous climate change policies;
  36. Supports regulations that are crippling small businesses;
  37. Supports regulations that are stifling jobs;
  38. Continues to ignore his rejection of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission report that he requested;
  39. His domestic policies will ultimately allow democracy and the constitution to be slain in the name of democracy and the constitution;
  40. There are problems for those who do not share BHO’s views; and,
  41. Continues to claim that relations with Israel have never been better.


Here is a bit more.  Although not totally a fan of Trump, he and O’Reilly have it right claiming the media is corrupt.  Here is an example of what we are fighting.  A recent New York Times article titled, “Eight Years after the Crash” noted that “unemployment is at 5 percent, deficits are down, and the Obama economy is growing”.  Of course unemployment is not at 5 percent, the deficit is approaching 20 trillion dollars, and despite capitalism – where downturns are almost immediately corrected – the economy is still stagnant.


My apologies if I’ve overdone it with BHO.


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February 27, 2016


This a unique one.  Rather than to provide 25-30 one-liners, I’ve decided to do something different for this 23rd edition of the “random” series.  This one contains a short paragraph on topics of interest to me.  Here is a dozen.


  1. The Hill. I open with Hillary Clinton.  Here is my description of the Clintons:  They are two thoroughly rotten human beings: lying, manipulating, deceiving, exploiting, etc. have become a way of life for both of them.  Her laugh and cackling are totally artificial.  Polls seen to indicate that young women voters are rejecting her.


  1. Hofstra Men’s Basketball (2015-16). This may be Hofstra’s year.  Then again, it may turn out not to be for a host of reasons.  At the top of the list is a porous defense, followed by the lack of a backup center, the lack of a shot blocker, and the lack of a great defensive guard.  Furthermore, Coach Mihalich appears committed to a five-man rotation due to the loss of Malik Nichols, which could expand to six with the addition of Buie; this might spell disaster in a potential three-day/three-game tournament in March.  I maintain that 35+ minute players in a high powered offense will unquestionably cheat on defense – and this problem needs to be addressed.  Nonetheless, it’s been a great year and they have a solid, exciting club.


  1. Basketball Coaching 101. My Basketball Coaching 101 (436-page) book is still out in the marketplace at either Amazon.com or createspace.com for $17.95.


  1. Society needs to come to grips with the reality that environmentalists and their supporters are probably the greatest threat to society.  They are a frightening group that is fanatical.  This group will do anything – lie, manipulate, deceive, etc. – to achieve its misguided goals, including saving Mother Earth from itself.  Most of my colleagues in the field and I have separated ourselves from these sickos.


  1. Global Warming. Environmentalists justify their conduct by arguing that over 90% of the technical community supports their position on global warming.  But nearly all of the 90% they refer to have vested interests in their being this catastrophic problem facing society.  If there is no problem, most of these so-called experts will be out of a job.  At a minimum, there will be no tenure, no promotions, no articles, no consulting, no books, no government grants and contracts, etc.  And, the environmental organizations that also support this scam will have greater difficulty in generating funding, donations, and government support.  Finally, nearly all my colleagues in this field do not support the environmentalists’ claims.


  1. Killeen’s Tavern. It has been 60 years since the birth of the Killeen’s Tavern basketball team.  The relentless passage of time has taken its toll on the group.  However, here is how Ron Roel described the Boys of Killeen’s in a feature Newsday front-page article (May 12, 2005) titled “Pivotal Friendships”:  “They teamed up 50 years ago on a tavern basketball squad and their connections still have bounce.  When the boys of Killeen’s Tavern gather to remember the times they spent as a tough and talented street basketball team decades ago, the rules are quickly evident, even to newcomers:  you’d better duck… From the moment you enter their company, the wisecracks whiz by, sometimes from unexpected quarters, like a behind-the-back pass.  But, by most standards, this team has shown remarkable resilience and continuity, meeting once or twice a year, socializing in smaller groups, attending the weddings of each other’s children, occasionally vacationing together, and watching TV sporting events like ‘March Madness.’  A number of the men have died.   And while most of the remaining team members still live in the metropolitan area, a few come from Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to attend the reunions.”


  1. Eli Manning. The New York Giants are toast.  There is no hope for the next season and any other season if Manning is quarterback.  He is definitely the most overrated and luckiest quarterback of all time.  Their only hope is to draft a quarterback and start anew.


  1. The Factor. It’s primarily the main non-sports show that I watch.  I don’t read papers.  I definitely don’t read The New York Times; the same applies to Newsday.  I don’t read magazines.  I don’t watch any news programs on TV.  I have come to intensely dislike Megan Kelly (Fox) who I earlier immediately described as a phony.  Bill O’Reilly’s (BOR) Factor is all I need for news.  Our nation should be grateful to BOR for providing, unlike most news sources, fair and balanced news coverage.  Nonetheless, I’m still annoyed that BOR has failed to acknowledge my dedication to him in one of my recent books.


  1. Great Eats. There have been several requests for a follow-up on an earlier article entitled “Great Eats.  It would not be feasible to address all the various ethnic restaurants but will limit it to Italian for this short paragraph.  The best pizza remains Vincent’s (Albertson).  For dinner, I recommend Angelina’s (Williston Park), Vincent’s Clam bar (Carle Place), and Umberto’s (off Lakeville Road in New Hyde Park).


  1. As noted some time back, people are now finally coming to grips with the corruption within the NCAA.  The recent findings of the phantom programs, inflated grades, no-show courses at the University of North Carolina for the past 20 years are just the tip of the iceberg.  Violations are popping up at nearly all the schools with major basketball and football programs.   The reality is that nearly all the programs (if not all) are cheating in some manner or form.  The only difference is the degree of cheating.


  1. Man of the Century? I have Obama in the running for Idiot, Boob, and Traitor of the Century.  I have Hill and Bill as the two most rotten individuals of the Century.  But the Man of the Century? Or is it woman? That has yet to be decided.


  1. Barack Hussein Obama. The reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain.  Where does one start? Or is it end?  I believe that a fair, intelligent, and objective individual – after examining all of BHO’s actions, policies, background, appointments, and comments – would have to conclude that he has served as a major liability to our great nation.  I just can’t see it any other way.   Has he knowingly and deliberately attempted to hurt us?  Perhaps Dick Cheney said it best:  “If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing.”


I’ll return in 8-10 months to the usual format with a couple of dozen one-liners.  Hopefully, they will engage (or perhaps enrage) the reader.


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October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015


I’m tired of writing long-winded articles in traditional format.  Since this article is concerned with Barack Hussein Obama (BHO), I decided to check the notes in my files on BHO.  Below is what I’ve adding since the previous article – Barack Hussein Obama IV – that was posted onto this newsletter in late 2014.  Here are a handful of “recent extracts” that directly apply to BHO.

  • I can say, with absolute certainty, that lying is a way of life for BHO.  And The Hill.  And, of course, Bubba.
  • BHO unveiled his first major federal regulation on “fracking” five (5) months ago.  There is no end to the stupidity of this guy.
  • I don’t think BHO knows the difference between a “hand up” and a “handout”.
  • I feel BHO has set our nation back 20 years.
  • I still maintain that BHO is a racist and stoking racial animosity.  His true feelings can be found in his indifferent position on whites killed by blacks and blacks killed by blacks, and his outspoken position whenever a black is (almost always justifiably) killed by a cop.  He has nothing to say about the former and everything to say about the latter.
  • Over 150 years ago, Blacks in America were slaves to the plantation owners.  It seems to me that today, many have become slaves to the government because of their dependence on entitlement programs.
  • Although this may sound hard to accept, I believe that Hillary will win (if she runs) because of the women’s vote.
  • You heard it here first – I predict Michelle will divorce this egomaniac soon after 2016.
  • There is no question that Debbie Wasserman Shultz of the DNC is as dumb as Biden, Pelosi and Barack.
  • I’m still trying to figure out if Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden are dumber than BHO.
  • A side headline in the 10/22/14 NY Times read “A Steady Loss in Confidence”.  How would one know from the headline that the article was essentially based on the confidence issue associated with BHO?
  • I think The Donald is good for America, but not as President.  He is a big boy who can dish it out but seems to have some problem when he’s on the receiving end.  I hope Trump keeps dishing it out and the media keeps returning the fire.
  • The Donald did a great service to our country.  The first debate in August helped to open the eyes of those individuals brainwashed by the liberal media as to what is really going on in America.
  • How dumb can the American public be?  One recent poll claimed that Barack was doing a good job!  Ouch!
  • Any chance Barack’s Administration will attempt to analyze the effect environmental rules, regulations, and laws have on businesses, society and the environment?  How about reviewing them to ensure clarity and reduce the conflicts between them?
  • I think it is tough to decide on the merits of the Iran nuke deal.  We have a choice of believing Barack or believing the Republicans.  Given that Barack is dumb, a liar, untrustworthy, un-American, and an egomaniac, the only intelligent and rational choice is to believe (ugh!) the Republicans.
  • I don’t think Barack is a communist.  But he unquestionably is a socialist, even though it has never worked since The Big Bang.
  • Seems to me that the liberals/democrats have turned away from democracy (as per the founding fathers) and capitalism.  I can’t figure out why, since it has worked successfully for nearly 250 years.
  • Most successful people, in discussing their career, stress family values, hard work, and love of our great nation.  Anyone ever hear Barack talk about any of the above three points?
  • What is Barack’s magic formula for a society to prosper and have a good quality of life? “Take from the rich and give to the poor,” and “it is the duty of the government to provide for our needs.”  Unfortunately, this populism strategy always accomplishes the opposite of its intent – it is an unalterable fact of economics.
  • It was approximately 2,150 years ago that Publitius Syrus wrote in his classic work Maxim: “Pardon one offense, and you encourage the commission of many.”  Can anyone relate this to the non-existent immigration policy, mass murders of Christians in the Middle East, condoning sanctuary cities, the war on women in the Middle East, Syria’s “red line,” the refugee chaos in Europe, the Iran nuke deal, Holder’s conduct as AG, etc.”
  • I’m trying to get a handle on how many people (including women and Christians) have suffered and/or died because of the weak-kneed liberal policies of BHO.
  • My vote for Loser and Enabler of the 21st Century is BHO.
  • How in the world can 42% of potential voters think that BHO is doing a good job?
  • BHO obviously doesn’t believe there are two sides to police and community relations.
  • BHO and I agree that “war is hell.” But, does BHO understand that “peace at any cost can ultimately (as in the past) be significantly worse than war.”
  • Have I gone off the deep end?  Every now and then I find myself comparing Churchill to BHO. Ugh!

Finally, can the reader guess who swore under oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United State” …. TWICE!!!

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Barack Hussein Obama Update IV

October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

It’s time for another BHO article. As many in the reading audience know, I have repeatedly claimed (and believe could prove in a court of law) that BHO is

1. a liar
2. dumb
3. lazy
4. corrupt
5. un-American
6. an egomaniac
7. nasty and arrogant

I’ve listed three dozen of BHO’s activities since the last article in the April 2014 newsletter. Once again, the reader is encouraged to assign the appropriate number above to each activity.

1. Continues to tell the public that he is beholden to no one, including you and me.
2. Has become a habitual loafer.
3. Played golf and had a jolly old time immediately following a ISIS beheading incident.
4. Continues to wage class warfare between the rich and poor, young and old, sick and healthy, white and black, educated and uneducated, etc.
5. Regularly is without and/or lacking a plan, purpose, policy, preparation, etc.
6. Responses to critical issues have been laughable.
7. Continues to place our nation deeper into debt.
8. He is not a student of geography, a characteristic of dumb people.
9. He is not a student of history, a characteristic of dumb people.
10. Has attempted to rewrite the history of our nation.
11. Continues to impose repressive legislation and rules that has hampered the development of business.
12. Continues to refuse to accept the greatness of this nation.
13. He is a coward who has refused to accept that war, i.e., the necessity of war, is sometimes necessary and inevitable. Hello Neville Chamberlain.
14. Has poisoned part of our nation with his disloyalty.
15. Refused to accept that there is an international terrorist threat.
16. Improperly decided to take action on one shooting in Ferguson for which he had no facts.
17. Has refused to take action on the documented, round-the-clock murder of hundreds of young blacks in Chicago, yet got involved with the killing of a young black in Ferguson, MO.
19. Stood by quietly as fellow-racist Eric Holder expressed sympathy and understanding for those rioting, shooting and looting in Ferguson.
20. Refuses to hold his appointees responsible for any wrongdoings.
21. Continues to use the government for political and personal purposes.
22. Refuses to accept that duties supersede all personal and ideological considerations.
23. Has never commented on his failure to honor the promise to “get to the bottom of this problem….” 8 TIMES. 8 TIMES!!!
24. Has refused to sympathize with whistle-blowers.
25. Has effectively claimed (with a straight face) that he knew nothing about the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.
26. Never explained what happened with his “red line.”
27. Never retracted his initial Benghazi statement that it “was a spontaneous riot about a movie.”
28. Never retracted his promises on Obamacare, i.e., premiums will be lowered, you can keep your doctor, it will be a simple process, etc.
29. Is more concerned about healthcare for terrorists, prisoners, illegals, and those unwilling to work than for our veterans.
30. Has never really explained his failed foreign policy with respect to ISIS, immigration, Putin, North Korea, China’s excursions, al Qaeda, veteran services, etc.
31. Continues to change things in our government.
32. Has forgotten this statement: “I, Barack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…so help me God.”
33. He has successfully divided our nation and united our enemies.
34. Due to BHO’s position on foreign policy, energy, jobs, health care, etc., our nation is indeed in decline.
35. BHO is now into fundraisers and golf – wisely no longer lecturing us on his great accomplishment. Remember his dozens of speeches on Obamacare?
36. BHO blew it in Iraq (another idiotic decision) since the war was won and the country was well on its way toward a democracy – something that would have devastated our enemies in the Middle East.
37. Claimed to Bill O’Reilly that “there isn’t a smidgen of evidence that the IRS acted improperly,” even through his appointee Lois Lerner refused to testify.

I need to further address the events that have transpired in Ferguson. The rioting, looting and unlawful conduct following the shooting of the black man lasted two weeks. At no time did BHO and/or Eric Holder condemn this behavior by these criminals/misguided individuals. Why no comment from these two? It’s simple – both are racists. Why no condemnation by the liberal media? It’s simple — they are all corrupt and a disgrace to their profession.

Of course, there is still “I will put an end to conduct that breeds division, conflict, and cynicism”, “will bridge the gap between black and white”, “will have the most transparent administration in history”, and “will restore trust in Government.”

At this point in time, our nation is ruled by a lawless administration headed by a corrupt, lazy, lying un-American, and potentially crazed individual that has refused to be accountable to the electorate. The pressure and criticism the president is experiencing is justifiable but his ego is coming to the forefront, which may lead to disastrous results in the future. I say this because I believe our country is being run by an irresponsible uncontrollable committee consisting of really dumb people.

I will return next year with BHO V. I dread to think what else can transpire in the coming months with the idiot at the helm. Note: Some would argue that it is inappropriate and improper to call our President dumb and an idiot but remember this is the same guy who kept telling the world that he claimed he knew more than his speech writers, advisers, experts, etc., and is “focused like a laser on creating jobs.”

Lou Theodore

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On Purely Chaste, Pristine and Random Thoughts XXI

August 31, 2014

September 1, 2014

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve lost track of what is the actual issue of this “On Purely Chast, Pristine and Random Thoughts” article. It may be the XXth issue, but then again, it might be the XXI; I’m settled on XXI. Here are 25 Thoughts:

* Flying has become a chore. My recent return flight from Long Beach, CA took 11 hours – not including a 1-hour wait for baggage.
* Currently writing my 102nd book entitled “Basketball Coaching 101.” Anyone interested in contributing can contact me at loutheodore1@verizon.net; I’m looking for individuals who know something about the game.
* This will be my 59th straight year of visiting Saratoga for the racing meet. It has become a bad habit and we now limit the trip to an Albany stopover.
* My most recent book was concerned with the need to develop a meaningful national energy policy; (see August Newsletter article) the book was dedicated to Governor Mike Huckabee.
* This is a true story. It took me nearly 3 days to complete and submit my taxes. Guess what? Last month, New York State requested I submit payment for the taxes owed. Since I have a cancelled check that the NYS cashed, I called to complain, but it is impossible to get through to them.
* Sometime back, Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) was attempting to release those in jail who were planning to kill me; and instead, he was attempting to put in jail Americans who put those in jail who were attempting to kill me.
* I do my best, but still get confused on a regular basis.
* I’m still trying to figure out what purpose the USDOE (Department of Energy) serves. Dissolving this useless organization might help balance the budget.
* I have often been required to provide security checks for my students applying for “sensitive” government jobs. Based on these interviews, I don’t believe BHO would be hired since he would not receive security clearance. And, this is our Commander-in-Chief*?!
* I’m a student of history. Socialism failed under FDR (it was WWII that got us out of the depression). Socialism failed under Johnson. Socialism failed under Carter Socialism failed in California. Socialism has failed in several European countries. Socialism has failed in several African countries. Many of these countries have gone (or are going) bankrupt. Can anyone tell me when high taxes, big government, massive spending, income/wealth distribution, and committing people to a lifetime of dependency through entitlement has worked?
* My parents worked hard for their money. I worked hard (well, sort of… remember, I was a teacher) for my money. No one gave us anything. Why am I now being asked to provide healthcare and education for people who do not want to work and/or have no legal right to be here?
* I sell and bill myself as the foremost environmental authority in the world (modesty isn’t my middle name).
* When are we going to get school tax relief?
* Just finished reading “Wilson” by Scott Berg. Although the quintessential liberal and pacifist, we need more leaders like him.
* Seems to me that BHO has forgotten his pledge to uphold the Constitution.
* If there isn’t a “smidgen” of evidence of any IRS wrongdoing, why did Lois Lerner take the fifth?
* The three most corrupt organizations in the U.S. are the government, the NCAA and NYRA.
* The three most corrupt individuals in the U.S. are BHO, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.
* The three dumbest individuals in the U.S. (in responsible positions) are BHO, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.
* Climate change is one of the all-time great scams perpetrated on the public.
* I grew up with Gabriel Heater and The Lone Ranger on radio, and rooting for the Yankees and Knicks. Now, the first two are gone and I root against the latter two.
* It may be because my ancestors were Greek but lamb is, by far and away, the best meat.
* I still have trouble sleeping every night. Can anyone help?
* Jones Beach (#6) was recently closed; ouch!! I believe it is the most beautiful beach in the world.
* Seems to me that young people are still having a tough time getting jobs.

On Purely … Thoughts will return in early 2015 with issue XXII. In the meantime, enjoy what’s left of this year.

Lou Theodore

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