August 1, 2020


August 1, 2020


Here’s a couple for you to think about.

  1. It’s baseball time. The Mets are going to have a tough time with their division but I still bet on them.
  2. When are baseball batters going to wake up and figure out to go the other way when the shift is on?
  3. I could never function effectively today without Mary holding my hand in this high tech society.
  4. My new book on “Water Management” arrived earlier this year. It could be doing better.
  5. Our second edition of the classic 1950 chemical engineering book “Process Heat Transfer” by the legendary Donald O. Kern is surprisingly doing well. I say surprisingly because all my books have one thing in common – they don’t sell.
  6. There’s a great local Italian restaurant named The Sicilian. It’s connected and a tough place. A really tough place. The hat-check girl’s name is Angelo and their special featured dish on Friday night is broken leg of lamb.
  7. Another tough winter. They keep getting tougher and tougher. Really appreciated the move to spring and summer.
  8. Dear friend and noted sports historian Arthur Lovely gave me two new-gems: The two most important words in the English language are “love” and “thanks”.
  9. Finally make contact and had a great conversation with Patricia Pyke, an old flame who (at that time) didn’t know I existed. We reminisced about growing up in Hell’s Kitchen during the Depression, World War II, and several subsequent years.
  10. The highlight for me during the winters is my trip to West Palm Beach and visiting my superstar guard (once the face of Playboy Magazine) Richie Bennett, Cooper Union classmate Arnie Weiss, and first cousin (paternal-side) Nora.
  11. Despite the claims of the environmentalists, air quality has never been better.
  12. I loved growing up in New York City (especially Astoria) because that was where the action was. Sorry to say that it is no longer true.
  13. Still love doing crossword puzzles, Jumbo, and cryptograms. I think it’s the “aha”, “gotcha”, and “eureka” moments that make them exciting.
  14. If you have money, which I don’t, invest in sports book stocks. Bought some William Hill and immediately went down.
  15. Biological terrorism has become a major concern and is apparently here to stay.
  16. Have yet to make it to “6” at Jones Beach. Ouch!
  17. Hoping to do a book on viruses (that I know nothing about). The invisible kingdom and reactions of bacteria and viruses may ultimately destroy civilization as we know it. Hopefully, the CDC and WHO will be displaced and replaced by competent agencies and individuals.
  18. Here is a given from 9 months ago: Biden will NOT debate Trump.
  19. Cuomo seems hell-bent on rewinding the tape of history. After sending the 6200 COVID patients to senior care facilities resulting in thousands of deaths, he is now bragging about his accomplishments and blaming others for his failures. What a guy. I’m also convinced Cuomo is an idiot. Not as dumb as Biden, but close.
  20. The term “peaceful protests” has disappeared from the English language.
  21. How about the teachers, who have forever claimed their dedication to students. Unlike our health care workers, they are now balking at going back to work because of safety concerns.  What a disappointing and parasitic group of non-professionals.
  22. Democrats, liberals, anarchists, socialists…call them what you may, appear hell-bent on personally humiliating Trump, irrespective of the negative political fallout on our nation. They are all traitors whose conduct is disgusting, e.g., Obama’s speech at Lewis’ memorial. Bottom line: Trump is fighting alone for America without the help of the Republican Party and the enemy are fighting Trump.
  23. My neighbor claims that if vandalism arrives at your door, it will be a white kid-with a rich father-attending an Ivy college where a professor has assured him that it is appropriate and proper to loot, maim, and destroy.
  24. Recently saw a TV program on The Battle of Midway (WW2-South Pacific). I wonder if these Bernie thugs and anarchists appreciate the sacrifices Americans made to help ensure our present way of life for those of us who truly love our country.
  25. Never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate: nearly half plan to vote for Biden along with Pelosi, Schumer, and Bernie’s thugs.


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Here are this month’s three offensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.


  1. Practice putting the ball in play; there should be several options available (and known) without the need to take a time out.
  2. Always run on offense; the only exceptions being if:

a. The bench is weak, and

b.  A key player is in foul trouble (shorten the game).

3. Motion offense is a must, otherwise your grandmother                    can  guard you.