April 1, 2022

April 1, 2022

As indicated in the past, this has become one of my favorites. You are requested to provide the correct answer to the following 20 questions. Credit 5 points for each correct answer. A grade of 85 indicates that you are brilliant. Here we go once again with several of the questions related to baseball and yours truly.

  1. True or false: Queens was established in 1863.
  2. Who published his theory of relativity in 1915?
  3. Who authored “A pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?
  4. Who was the star of the movie “The Maltese Falcon”?
  5. What Baseball Hall of Famer recently had a street in Astoria named after him?
  6. Jingle Bells was the first holiday carol to be broadcast from what unique location in 1965?
  7. What is the currency of Greece?
  8. Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?
  9. What was the final score of Don Larson’s perfect World Series no-hitter?
  10. The age of the sun is approximately how many years?
  11. Project Independence is concerned with what county?
  12. What singing great from Astoria belted out “there’s no business like show business…”?
  13. What Baseball Hall of Famer was the only pitcher to beat Walter Johnson four times?
  14. Who was the first batter to bat at Yankee Stadium in 1923?
  15. What songwriter from Astoria wrote the tune Mary?
  16. What group gave their last full concert at Candlestick Park on 8/29/66?
  17. Who recently received a potable water patent that generates water from the flue gas produced following natural gas combustion?
  18. What web-based  word game was recently sold to the New York Times?
  19. Name the author of a soon-to-be published book titled “Virology for Engineers and Applied Scientists”?
  20. Your favorite author was recently essentially barred by an administrator from attending basketball games at what school?


  1. It’s hard to believe but it is true.
  2. Albert Einstein. Interestingly, he did not receive his one and only Nobel Prize for this theory.
  3. Benjamin Franklin.
  4. Bogie.
  5. Edward “Whitey” Ford.
  6. A tough one here: Space.
  7. It is not the drachma; the correct answer is the euro.
  8. Full credit here. I would guess Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Mariano Rivera should get the most consideration.
  9. 2-0.
  10. 4.5 billion years.
  11. Nassau County.
  12. Ethel Merman.
  13. Babe Ruth.
  14. A tough one: Whitey “Witt” Witkowski.
  15. George M. Cohen. Was he referring to my wife?
  16. The Beatles.
  17. You all should know this. It’s none other than your favorite author.
  18. Wordle, developed by Josh Wardle.
  19. Once again, your favorite author.
  20. Hofstra University.

I’ll return with another quiz late in the year.

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Here are this month’s three offensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.

  1. Practice one-on-one basketball under the basket.
  2. Practice one-on-one basketball from beyond or just inside the 3-point line.
  3. Practice various strategies for inbounding the basketball at various locations on the court and when one is free to move along the end-line.