October 1, 2021


October 1, 2021

As indicated in IV, this has become one of my favorites. You are asked to provide the correct answer to the following 20 (plus 1) questions. You already know the routine: 5 points for each correct answer. A grade of 90 indicates that you are brilliant… anything below 25 is, well…

  1. Who authored “Fourscore and seven years ago…”
  2. Who were the stars of the movie “Sampson and Delilah?”
  3. Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?
  4. What famous singer said “So when you see your neighbor carrying something, help him with his load”?
  5. What famous New York baseball owner’s motto was “If you do something good for someone, and more than two people know about it, you did it for the wrong reason.”
  6. Unlike healthcare workers, what professional group refused to work because of health concerns and demanded that they be paid?
  7. Prior to 2014, what basketball Hall of Famer had the second highest season scoring average?
  8. True or false: The radius of the sun is approximately 900,000 miles.
  9. What Hall of Famer broke the baseball color barrier?
  10. Who was elected President of the United States in 1952?
  11. What Hall of Famer started and ended his career with a Boston team?
  12. What famous Astorian won an Olympic gold medal in wrestling and later became boxing’s light heavyweight champion?
  13. What was Connie Mack’s real name?
  14. True or false: Queens joined New York City in 1898.
  15. What has often been referred to as the most Irish town in the United States?
  16. What is the currency of Turkey?
  17. What animal is located on California’s state flag?
  18. What city’s cable cars are the only National Historical Monuments that can move?
  19. Where is the Liberty Bell located?
  20. What city, located on the West Coast, was destroyed by fire and an earthquake in 1906?
  21. Explain the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic.


  1. President Abraham Lincoln
  2. Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr
  3. Full credit. For me, it is Kevin Durant.
  4. Bob Dylan
  5. George Steinbrenner
  6. School teachers
  7. A tough one here: Rick Barry. Wilt, of course, had the highest average.
  8. False. According to my files, the answer is approximately half this value.
  9. Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers, 1947
  10. Dwight Eisenhower
  11. Babe Ruth
  12. A toughie; Paul Berlanback, 1924 Olympics.
  13. Another toughie: Cornelius McGillicuddy.
  14. True; and it was first established nearly 200 years earlier.
  15. Full credit here. Butte, Montana, a place our family visited three times.
  16. Lira
  17. A tough one: A grizzly bear named Monarch.
  18. San Francisco, California
  19. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  20. Once again, San Francisco
  21. Epidemic is defined as “prevalent and widespread among many.” Pandemic refers to “over a whole area, country, and universe.” Thus, the difference relates to the size of the affected area.

Prepare for another one VI early next year.

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Here are this month’s three offensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.

  1. Every attempt should be made to exploit the team’s offensive capabilities against the opponent’s defensive weaknesses.
  2. Players should learn to dribble with either hand.
  3. Players should learn to shoot with either hand.