May 31, 2012

The EWSD annual budget/levy has INCREASED 24.7% over the past 6-year period, while enrollment has DECREASED by 112 students.  Many teachers’ unions, in cooperation with their boards, have agreed to freeze salaries and waive the step increase.  The district needs to ask Kamberg why it hasn’t happened here.  Waste, absenteeism, etc., is unfortunately the norm in the EWSD, which in turn has reduced both the quality of education and the District’s ranking.  Since the value of our houses is inversely proportioned to school taxes, the impossible-to-justify tax INCREASES have also resulted in DECREASED house values.  Did we need any other justification to vote NO on the budget?

No doubt many of you read (Newsday, 5/9) that our District’s ranking continues to freefall and is currently 246, down again from 55 last year.  In addition, the student:teacher ratio in the top four schools onLong Island is 12, 13, 14 and 16 – as compared to our 9.75.  Stuyvesant (my alma mater) is at 21.  The figures simply don’t lie:  Kamberg and his crew, along with the teachers and their union, are destroying our District with the waste and indifference.  We are now officially an also-ran.  Even Governor Cuomo has described the school systems as “ineffective, wasteful, and bureaucratic.”  Folks, you had an opportunity to put a stop to this School Board’s conduct regarding financial matters by voting NO on the budget earlier this month.  Unfortunately, it passed with flying colors – a tribute to the intelligence of the members of our community, particularly most of the parents who are gluttons for punishment.

To see what happened in neighboring Syosset, please view: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/161948656800/.  Obviously a high school senior was able to figure out what the parents haven’t been able to figure out, i.e., that School Boards are both corrupt and wasteful, and that there is a need for change.  Perhaps that is the solution for the EWSD.  We need Wheatley seniors to ignore the useless PTO and replace our presently corrupt Board.

With the 2012-13 EWSD budget vote behind us, I now plan to turn to the November Presidential election.  As many of you know, I am an independent who is now anti-Democratic (party) and fiercely anti-liberal.  The coming issues will primarily examine President Obama.  I believe that Obama is not deserving of another term because he is a liar, incompetent, racist, nasty, unqualified, a crook, an egomaniac, a socialist/communist, and (finally) anti-American.  Because of the importance of this election, there will be an article on the 15th and last day of each of the coming months.  Article dates are provided below:

June 14                  Being a Liar

June 30                  Being Incompetent

July 14                    Being Racist

July 31                     Being Nasty

August 15              Being Unqualified

August 31               Being a Crook

September 15       Being an Egomaniac

September 30      Being a Socialist/Communist

October 15            Being Anti-American

October 31             Final Thoughts

Here is a warm-up of what’s to come.  This involves some of Obama’s cohorts.  Here are some beauties – talking about liars and dumb people.

Vice President Joe Biden:

“Between tax relief, direct and shovel-ready prospects, the Recovery Act has created or retained between 2.2 and 2.8 million jobs.”

FACT:  Hardly any new jobs were created.

“The Stimulus is doing more, faster, more efficiently, more effectively than most expected.”

FACT:  Some voters actually believe this.

“I think I have a much higher IQ than you do.  I went to law school on a full academic scholarship and ended up in the top half of the class.”

FACT:  He may be confused.  He received a half scholarship and finished 70th out of 85.

Remember, this guy is 1 heartbeat away…….

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

FACT:  Wow!

“Republicans are destroying the public space of clean air, water, food safety, the education of our children and the health, financial security of our seniors.”

FACT:  There are also voters who actually believe this.

“Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.”

FACT:  There are also voters who actually believe this.

“We have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help.”

FACT:  Quite frankly, I’m not willing to provide more benefits and entitlements.

“It (unemployment insurance) injects demand into the economy.  It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name.”

FACT:  Would you work if you were paid not to work?

Robert Gibbs:

“The bill contains unprecedented accountability and transparency.  There are no earmarks in the bill.”

FACT:  There were over 8,000 earmarks.

Tom Daschle:

“Make no mistake; tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce the law to the letter.”

FACT:  He is a tax cheat who has not been prosecuted.

President of the Service Employees InternationalUnion:

“We spent a fortune to elect Obama – $60.7 million to be exact.”

FACT:  Obama had promised: “We’re not taking any contributions from Washington, lobbyists or political action committees.”

Janet Napolitano:

Described homecoming veterans as “right-wing rednecks”, preferred “overseas contingency operations” to “war on Terrorism”, described the Islamic Fort Hood murderer as “an isolated extremist”, and does not support voter ID requirements.

FACT:  This woman is an Obama-appointee andU.S.citizen.

Anita Dunn (Communications Director):

“Mao Tse Tung is one of my favorite philosophers whom I turn to most for answers to important questions.”

FACT:  What most of us now know is that this guy was worse than Hitler and Stalin combined.

USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:

“For every $1 we have spent, we have gotten $40 of benefits in turn and the USEPA is one of the most successful programs in American history.”

FACT: Truly incredulous statements.  I wrote an article in 1995 (EPA’s Silver anniversary) justifying it be dissolved.  It is now significantly worse.  This woman is dumber than Obama, Biden, and Pelosi combined.

The Last Lady, Michelle Obama:

“Most American lives have gotten progressively worse since I was a little girl.”

FACT:  Could she be that dumb?  Nah!  I believe it is just a lie.

“For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

FACT:  I’ve been proud of my country my entire life.

Senator Barbara Boxer:

“Industries that provide environmental protection have created more than a million jobs.”

FACT:  But at what cost to our economy and loss of other jobs?  Has she (or any environmentalist) ever done a cost-benefit analysis?

Senator Chris Dodd:

“One of the great success stories of all time – one of the great engines of economic success over the past 30 or 40 years.”

FACT:  Get this:  He was talking about Freddie Mac and Fannie May.

Representative Maxine Waters (voted the most corrupt elected official):

“We do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac, and in particular at Fannie Mae, under the outstanding leadership of Frank Raines.”

FACT:  Raines was an economic adviser to Obama and was forced to resign.

Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner:

“There is no risk theUScould lose its AAA credit rating.”

FACT:  Well, we all make mistakes.

Yep, we all make mistakes.  The key is to learn from our mistakes.   Hopefully those of you who voted for Obama have……

The next posting is scheduled for June 15th.  It will be concerned with Barack Hussein Obama and is entitled “Being a Liar.”