January 1, 2021

January 1, 2021

Here we go again, but, given the present political climate, this one is strictly devoted to political thoughts. I hope you find the nearly 2 dozen comments interesting.

  • It’s bad enough the media chose not to initially cover the “Hunter” fiasco, but they still have essentially chosen to ignore it.
  • The fanatic liberals now claim there is an “assault on democracy” by the Republicans. How would one describe their conduct during the last 4 ½ years?
  • Pelosi and her fanatics impeached Trump based solely on an inert call to a fifth-world country. Will they also now attempt to impeach Biden for his thieving, lying, and traitor-type conduct?
  • Trump unquestionably made the best decisions on the pandemic given the knowledge and resources available from the CDC (ugh!) and WHO (ugh!). As a successful businessman, he foresaw what was going to happen and took appropriate action.
  • The liberal fanatics claimed it would take at least 5 years to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Trump claimed we would have it before the end of year. Who was right?
  • There was no coordinated response from the CDC on nursing homes, the epicenters of death, until Trump took action.
  • The electorate obviously has little to no knowledge of social, economic, and scientific matters.
  • Since 1986, all elected officials have avoided taking action on the immigration crisis and border security. Trump is the only one who fought for the safety and security of the American people.
  • The Democratic Party’s agenda is perfectly clear: destroy Trump…not to serve the electorate.
  • Since Day 1, Trump has been betrayed by Washington insiders, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party.
  • Liberals appear hell-bent on frustrating and embarrassing Trump, no matter what the cost to our nation. They claim he is a traitor. Based on his track record on peace and economics, I claim he should be President of the world.
  • Mueller will go down in history as a biased incompetent Special Council who, during his witch hunt, believed in two codes of justice while applying Gestapo tactics.
  • Mueller and his henchmen have for obvious reasons, refused to investigate and indict those, e.g., Comey, Clinton, etc., who have repeatedly committed criminal offenses.
  • I could be wrong but I believe that Pelosi is an evil person with mental problems.
  • Schumer strikes me as a conniving and untrustworthy individual.
  • I have three new acronyms: FTF – Fauci The Fraud, BCF – Biden Crime Family, and CTD – Cuomo The Dimwit.
  • I can’t think of anyone more stupid than Joe Biden, although Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are close seconds.
  • The aggressive, belligerent behavior of many of the fanatical liberals regarding three recently Supreme Court appointees, Republican elected officials, Trump fans, Catholic school kids, etc., has been approved by both the corrupt fake-news media and Democrats.
  • The ten Democratic senators who questioned Kavanagh, accusing him of rape-related activities, should have been removed from office and jailed. Their concerted effort to destroy this man was unforgiveable.
  • Democracy cannot exist with a biased media. We are about to approach this state.
  • I’m accused of being a racist and un-American because I have no sympathy for those individuals planning to illegally overrun our borders. Is it old age, or am I missing something?
  • I still believe most Americans believe in supporting hard working individuals, not illegal immigrants.
  • I’m one to give credit where credit is due. Contrary to Republican claims, Cuomo definitely deserves an Emmy for absolving himself of the nursing home fiasco that resulted in the death of 40,000 seniors. Remember that it was Cuomo who issued a directive on March 25th that “no resident should be denied readmission to a nursing home if they test positive for the coronavirus.” What a slimy egomaniac.

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Here are this month’s three defensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.

  1. Until one learns otherwise, one should assume the offensive player dribbles with the right hand.
  2. Until one learns otherwise, one should assume the offensive player shoots with his right hand.
  3. Until one learns otherwise, one should assume the offensive player drives to the right.