July 1, 2020

July 1, 2020


Four months ago, I put forth an article concerned with the coronavirus. This is a follow-up piece that details my thoughts on some of the major players in the field.


Two things have occurred in the interim. I am now planning on writing a book on viruses (even though I know nothing about the subject) titled “Virus Contact Agencies and Organizations: A Resource Guide”, and secondly, the virus pandemic has been ebbing at this time. Nonetheless, here are my thoughts on seven of the aforementioned players in the field.


  1. Mayor DeBlasio. Ouch! Is this guy dumb or is he an anarchist? He apparently has his priorities on the police and rioters reversed. How in the world could anyone vote for him?
  2. Governor Cuomo. Here is another wimp whose only positive position is that he hates DeBlasio. He is still desperately trying to act presidential during daily press conferences while bragging about his accomplishments and at the same time attempting to rewrite history. His idiotic blunder on the nursing home patients and failure to purchase ventilators cost at least a thousand lives and will forever haunt him. He, like DeBlasio and NYC, is destroying our state — which may explain, in part, why he appears to be losing his mind. What a loser.
  3. President Trump. The Donald just can’t seem to do anything wrong. He guessed right on the early travel ban, approached the pandemic problem as only a competent non-bureaucratic individual would, and set us on the right path to rid ourselves of this menace. Furthermore, the economy (including the stock market) seems headed to bigger and better things. And to top this, it now appears with a high degree of certainty that Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen in the FBI and DOJ did attempt a coup, an act (if proven) is punishable by death; these guys are really in hot water.
  4. The Media. Many of them belong in jail. I just can’t believe the blatant lies and distortions on CNBC (or what Hannity justifiably refers to as CDNC) and CNN. Their accusations regarding Trump and the pandemic are, at times, actually unbelievable. Their hatred for Trump just simply doesn’t make sense.
  5. The New York Times. Once a great newspaper. Still a great paper except for their coverage of the news and their raw hatred for Trump. I ask the reader to just read the headlines on the first page each day. No fair and learned individual could possibly claim that they are neutral and objective.
  6. Fauci. A fraud. A legitimate fraud who the Donald flushed out early in the pandemic. In March, Fauci proclaimed during a news conference that face masks serve no useful purpose. In April, he revised his position from March, claiming that the masks protect people around you. Then finally in May, he was back on TV telling us that masks were essential. With the coronavirus around for years, how could a so-called expert not know what was going on? His projections, based on poor data and faulty models, also failed us. I’ve written two books on and taught statistics and can assure even the novice or anyone who has taken a high school stat course would have known better. We now know he was wrong – flat out wrong – and should have not extrapolated the models. His advice was anything but science. In addition, he was no doubt attempting to protect the standard and traditional protocol of his profession and also help insure additional so called “critical” tests on oxychloroquine. Write this guy off!
  7. The Center for Disease Control (CDC). They are no different than any other bureaucratic organization… looking to survive and prosper, irrespective of the impact on us. It was founded in 1946 with a 10 million dollar budget. Its budget today is 1500 times larger and is manned with thousands of government employees. It advertises itself as “commitment to excellence”, the “premiere health prevention and preparedness agency”, and (get this) “protect America from health, safety, and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.” I’ve taught numerous courses titled “Emergency Planning and Response” and “Risk Assessment” (and associated calculations). Firemen take similar courses and can no doubt better attend to this issue than the CDC. In any event, one needs to answer two questions.
  8. Did the CDC do a good job (not ever excellent) of preventing and controlling this virus?
  9. Was the CDC prepared for this once in a decade (or is it century?) the pandemic?

They obviously failed miserably on both counts. This pandemic has made it clear that a significant part of the bureaucracy failed us. Fortunately, we Americans always respond to a crises.

We have been taught a painful and expensive lesson. Has the bureaucracy? I doubt it; they’re still employed, collecting checks, and attempting to dictate national policy. Bottom line: The CDC is a typical failed and useless bureaucratic organization.


Enough already. Let me know what you think.


Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or publisher. Opposing views are welcomed.


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