On a Barack Hussein Obama Update III

March 31, 2014

April 1, 2014
Unfortunately, the drama continues. I opened the last Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) article by listing his failings. I need to detail these once again.
1. dumb, incompetent, and unqualified
2. lazy
3. a liar
4. un-American
5. arrogant and insulting
6. an egomaniac
7. indifferent and uncaring
Day in and day out, this guy continues to prove me right.

A lot has transpired since the last article. This time, I will primarily address items (1) and (4) above as they apply to foreign policy. Of course, this is not to ignore BHO’s earlier conduct/screw-ups: Ambassador Rice’s debacle and her reassignment, the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS scandals, Obamacare (guaranteeing one’s existing policy, rates, and doctor, and resulting in his Liar of the Year award), the insane decisions associated with the Keystone Pipeline, the incompetence and lies of Sebelius, the Lois Lerner lies, $100MM vacations, playing golf in drought areas, accommodating crazed environmentalists on phony climate change claims, pleading for civility/collegiality, consistent pattern of corruption, tampering with phone records, Fast and Furious, releasing specific classified information, numerous deadline failures and delays, the one trillion dollar “stimulus” debacle, illegally attempting to amend the constitution, the climate change scare tactics, hordes of regulations (particularly of an environmental nature) hampering the economy, a total lack of promised transparency, continuing to maintain that the present system of government is the problem and that we are the problem and not the solution, repeatedly promising “to get to the bottom of it” or “I will take action,” and, of course, “we didn’t get where we are by ourselves!?!*.” Have I forgotten anything?

Here is what I’ve got on BHO’s foreign policy. He unfortunately believes a weakened U.S. will enhance the peace process and that the U.S., as a superpower, is the problem. I have not wavered: BHO is basically dumb and out of his league. His failed policy of embracing our enemies instead of confronting them have left us, as well as the rest of the world, in chaos. This is what happens when someone dumb runs the country. He apparently believes that evil does not exist – but if it does exist, he and he alone can rectify it. One should also not forget BHO’s purging of top military brass who do not agree with his pacifist policies and his reduction of both our offensive and defensive capabilities. He just doesn’t understand that the world would be a better and safer place with the U.S. as a superpower. As Aristotle noted nearly 2,500 years ago: “Revolutions break out when opposite parties, the rich and the poor, are equally balanced, and there is little or nothing between them; for, if either party were manifestly superior, the other would not risk an attack upon them.” This military genius simply doesn’t get it.

The bottom line is that we have another Neville Chamberlain, who was responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of people during WWII. BHO simply has been unable to face up and take responsibility to the realities of his actions. And here are some of his major failures – some of an equally confused Kerry has to also take responsibility.
1. Senselessly cancelling the defense of the Eastern European block and embarrassing both the Poles and the Czechs.
2. Assad “must go,” which was followed by drawing a red line.
3. Failed negotiations on Syria’s poison gas stockpile.
4. Failed negotiations on Iran’s nuclear buildup.
5. Insisting to Putin that Russia stay out of Crimea.
6. An inability to react swiftly and decisively; remember the discussion about the 3:00AM call?
7. Allowing the idiot Biden to meander outside of the White House.
It is inevitable for some (including your author) during these dangerous times to draw a comparison believed BHO with Winston Churchill. WC’s greatness was once described in the following terms: “—flowed not only from great qualities of heart and brain, indomitable courage, energy, magnanimity and good sense, but from supreme art and deliberate policy.” Think BHO can match up in any form with WC? What we have from BHO is “I would put our foreign policy accomplishment against any president…..” Wow! Clearly, this guy is dumber than dumb.

He now regularly attempts to bypass the Constitution in a manner similar to that of a dictator; has brought out the worst in the electorate, knows nothing about history, geography (especially the U.S.), medicine, economics, energy, job creation, border security, military affairs, foreign policy (as noted above) and knows nothing about the constitution although claiming to be a Constitutional Scholar; is in the process of replacing doctors with clerks; refuses to tell black Americans that if you’re not willing to sacrifice for your children, don’t have them; continues to champion the cause of the habitual loafer, and, as Commander in Chief, chose to leave his comrades behind (in Benghazi) and fly to Vegas for a fundraiser. His ignorance of history is most troubling for one naturally would assume the President would know history since it must be kept alive in order to avoid old mistakes. In effect, learn from it. He also continues to champion the cause of subsidizing people like himself through the talents and work ethics of others – actions that will commit these people to a lifetime of dependency. Why? Perhaps it is because he is a product of affirmative action efforts and socialist policies. Your author lived the American dream. Everybody deserves the opportunity of living the American dream, and I’d like everybody offered this opportunity; BHO obviously doesn’t.

On the positive side, he promised to bring change. He did. Unfortunately, he has made the country worse. There are still no term limits. 20,000 lobbyists are alive and doing well in and around the Capital. IRS reform is dead; there is not flat tax. Health care is an absolute disaster (I’ll propose a solution in a few months). Education is bad and getting worse (dedicated teachers – now more than ever – are a thing of the past). Our foreign policy, regularly punctuated with indecision, is a joke. The IRS is effectively spying on and punishing many dedicated Americans. Intelligence gathering has been reduced to spying on us. Nobody knows for sure what this idiot will do next. Can anyone think of what this guy has changed for the better?

Louie Nizer, referring to jurors, asked the question: “what would a reasonably intelligent individual conclude based on the facts and evidence?” Every reader should apply this question BHO. But, in the final analysis, I believe an irresponsible brainwashed electorate, lacking in intelligence, will ride out and ignore the catastrophe brought forth by BHO. I also believe that his liberal/progressive enablers will continue to support BHO because they are too embarrassed to admit that they made asses out of themselves. Perhaps the ultra-liberal Woodrow Wilson had it right nearly a century ago in his belief that “only stakeholders should be enfranchised…universal suffrage is at the foundation of every evil in this country.”

Our great nation has been fortunate to have been led by Presidents who were motivated by their love of country and the belief in the principles of democracy and capitalism…and never advocating any change and/or transformation. Now, we have BHO. We deserve better than an empty suit running our country into the ground. The world also deserves better—as he moves it closer to nuclear conflict.

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