December 1, 2020

December 1, 2020

The presidential election results are in…or are they? At the time of the preparation of this note, it appears Biden (ugh!) – a dumb, inept, mentally challenged, career bureaucrat felon, etc. – will be our next president, as the media successfully dragged him across the finish line. Add to this, a totally incompetent failed attorney with essentially no experience will be our vice president. How did this happen? I often have claimed that we “should never underestimate the stupidity of the majority of the voting public.” A dear friend commented “the reason the democrats won was because they significantly overestimated the stupidity of the voting electorate.” Notwithstanding the above, here are a baker’s dozen 1 (or 2 or 3) – liners:

  1. Biden has called for cooperation and asked that we come together. How is that possible with their proposed agenda and Biden preaching unity while insulting and ridiculing Trump and his supporters? Why should we, after the way they refused to cooperate with Trump. I feel an obligation to cooperate until they attempt to implement their plan to convert our nation to socialism.  In the meantime, the ultimate move is on toward fascism as the media is now controlled by the fanatics and those of us who love our country are being brutalized in the streets with no media coverage.
  • The pandemic? Stop the nonsense and open all businesses and schools. Interesting that Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that hates Trump for his price policy on drugs, announced their vaccine 3 days after the election.
  • The WHO and CDC both failed the people they purportedly represent. It is almost as if they never heard of COVID or the accompanying more severe ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). There was absolutely NO preparedness for a potential pandemic. Thankfully, Trump was able to minimize the colossal damage that they, along with China, caused. Shame on both organizations. These incompetents unquestionably never looked into hypothetical situations – a procedure that is key to emergency planning (an area that I have worked in/lectured on). Not preplanning for nightmares ultimately results in playing catch-up. I love listening to these Monday morning quarterbacks who become overnight pandemic authorities on what actions Trump should have taken.
  • In 2016, the media convinced many that Trump would expand losing wars abroad that would probably lead to a nuclear war. As with all their accusations, they were wrong: Trump defeated ISIS, stopped Russia cold in the Ukraine, has essentially ended these senseless wars, and is finally bringing our soldiers home.
  • How about the insanity of defunding the police? Biden is certain to honor this promise.
  • Biden is certain to provide funding and support for both BLM and ANTIFA. Is this what Americans want?
  • Biden is certain (if allowed) to “pack” the Supreme Court, replace the Electoral College, and expand statehood. Is this what Americans want?
  • I think health insurance can be improved, but not by the government. Anything they touch turns out to be a disaster. You’ve heard the old joke: I’m from the government and here to help.
  • I now refuse to go to the movies. I also no longer watch the NBA or the NFL on TV. The individuals in these three professions have forgotten what it is to live paycheck-to-paycheck.
  1. Something definitely has to be done about the corrupt media. Important news is not covered but lies are. I get disgusted every day reading the headlines in the New York Times and watching some of CNn and CNBC that airs on FOX. Enter fascism and exit democracy with a biased media.
  1. Education? School choice is the key to providing opportunities for minorities. We need charter schools. We also need to instill a love of country in our youth and make them aware of the great history and character of our nation. We won’t get any of these two with Biden.
  1. How about some of the media and some elected officials calling me and all Trump supporter racists and un-American because we oppose their destructive agenda. Even worse, they are proposing we be “blackballed” and punished. Folks, this is just the start of the fanatics’ move toward fascism.
  1. Does any reasonable and intelligent individual not believe that fraud was committed by the fanatics during the election? Remember, it was the fanatics who promised to “stop” Trump by any means. Their insistence on mail-in ballots insured there would be cheating. We can kiss our democracy goodbye if the elections are not legitimate and honest.

Bottom line: Prepare to usher in corruption and larceny (especially Biden and his family) in government, expansion of the bureaucratic swamp, elimination of transparency, a partisan press corp, open borders, unvetted immigration, loss of respect of law, avoiding adherence to the Constitution, senseless rules and regulations, penalizing Trump supporters, a reduction in police budgets and support, not allowing validation of elections, expansion of sanctuary cities and their accompanying activities, disappearance of our guardians of liberty and democracy, government-run healthcare embolden activities of our enemies, skyrocketing energy prices, a botched economy, collapse of the stock market, attempts by Biden to preach unity/healing and bring us together will fail miserably, loss of gun rights, reduction in religious freedom, destruction of statues, an increase in crime, an acceptance of the fanatics’ agenda, stop asking questions, allowing capitalism and conservatives to fade out of existence, BLM going totally unchallenged and allowed to flourish, no accountability for the fanatics, further exploitation by the teachers and their unions, and the disappearance of transparency as press conferences that put Trump under daily fire be replaced by seasonal ones with softball questions. Did I forget anything?

The above won’t impact me, but will impact my children and grandchildren … and not in a positive way.

Not a pretty picture.

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