On the Global Warming/Climate Change Issue

December 30, 2015



Well, is it global warming or is it climate change?  It depends on whom you talk to.  What one can say for certain is that both are related to the so-called greenhouse gases.


The greenhouse effect appears to be a completely man-made phenomenon in the world today – one that some engineers and scientists feel is leading the plant to the brink of disaster.  The term “greenhouse effect” describes two separate but dependent occurrences: (a) the increase of trace greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, methane, tropospheric ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons) in the earth’s atmosphere, and (b) the absorption and re-emission of long-wave radiation by these gases.  In theory, the greenhouse gases act like the glass in a botanical greenhouse, trapping heat and warming the planet.


The increased concentration of greenhouse gases (especially carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution is a well-documented fact; however, the predicted effects of this increase are still in debate among scientists in the environmental field.  Current debate centers around questions such as: (a) Have greenhouse gases affected global weather as yet? (b) How much will temperature rise once the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reach concentrations double their current levels? (c) How long does it take for changes in greenhouse gases to affect global climate?


Although scientists are in agreement that concentrations of trace greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are increasing, the effects of this increase are in wide debate.  Some scientists feel that there is strong evidence to show that global warming has already begun, and others feel that the planet is actually entering another ice age.  At present, both national and international policies are beginning to notice the important implications of the greenhouse effect, and plans are being made to deal with the problem.  However, the drive to solve the greenhouse effect may well falter as a consequence of the time lag between emission and effect.  The theory behind the greenhouse effect, combined with the trends of modern society, certainly points toward a possible climatic phenomenon that could, if allowed to proceed unchecked, create a global warming; however, when the physical evidence for climatic change is closely investigated, the situation does not appear to be changing as quickly or catastrophically as is predicted.


Society needs to come to grips with the reality that environmentalists and their supporters are probably the greatest threat to society.  They are a frightening group that is fanatical.  This group will do anything – lie, manipulate, deceive, etc. – to achieve its misguided goals, including saving Mother Earth from itself.


Environmentalists justify their conduct by arguing that over 90% of the technical community supports their position on global warming.  But nearly all of the 90% they refer to have vested interests in their being this catastrophic problem facing society.  If there is no problem, most of these so-called experts will be out of a job.  At a minimum, there will be no tenure, no promotions, no articles, no consulting, no books, no government grants and contracts, etc.  And, the environmental organizations who also support this scam will have greater difficulty in generating funding, donations, and government support.  Gone are the days when scientists and engineers were beyond reproach.  The reality is that today’s scientist/engineer is as corrupt as the lawyers society has come to detest.



Yes, there are terrorists.  Yes, these are rulers/dictators who would murder their own people.  And, yes, they are religious fanatics.  But these so-called environmental power-drivers, as well as arrogant environmentalists, have joined together and anointed themselves as the saviors because of their greater intellect.  Yes, these individuals need to be reckoned with…and soon.  In the meantime, they have become the greatest threat to the American dream and the American way of life.


Let’s face it.  Any mandated imposition of CO2 emission reductions will dramatically impact our economy.  It will result in the loss of at least 100,000 jobs (depending on the severity of the cuts) with little to no opportunities for those jobless to secure satisfactory replacement employment opportunities.  All of this will compromise the ability to defend ourselves from the enemy, particularly the Jihadists.  This is an example, pure and simple, of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) idiots involved with energy decision policies of not having thought through the problem and including all the ramifications associated with their policies.  Touting solar and wind technologies as the answer is idiotic (again the word idiot) since these industries almost certainly will not be cost-effective until mid-century (at the earliest).  The idiots have just chosen not to consider costs, reliability, dangers and safety in their analyses.  A reasonable question that an intelligent practicing engineer should ask is: “How in the world did this occur?”  There is a simple answer: the EPA.


Several months ago, I wrote an article for my NEWSLETTER (www.theodorenewsletter.com) on this topic – that was based on my new book “Energy Resources: Availability, Management and Environmental Impacts.”  In it, I stressed the need for the responsible people in government (not those in the EPA) to develop a national energy policy that explores not only all viable traditional energy sources but also old potential renewable energy sources in a manner that reduces/eliminates economic hardships associated with the transition.  Any chance of this occurring?  As John Wayne would put it: NOT HARDLY.  Unfortunately, the EPA feels it has a duty to protect every aspect of the environment under all circumstances and irrespective of other effects, and that priority has been placed above energy independence.  Add to all of this, Obama’s Paris “agreement” success story with China operating nearly an infinite number of coal-fired boilers and India planning to build twenty-three new coal-powered plants; this is indeed another Administration whopper.


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