July 1, 2017


JULY 1, 2017

Remember when the Tea Party came into existence? Their followers demonstrated peacefully, expressing their disgust with our government officials. The Liberal Democrats and the corrupt media claimed that these demonstrators were violent when they were anything but. Then the worm turned as the Liberal Democrats started demonstrating. It was peaceful at first. Then they became semi-peaceful. Then semi-violent. Then violent. Then disruptive at public places and educational institutions. Then they started demolishing. Then they started fires. Then they started shooting innocent individuals. Then they started shooting at police. And then came the numerous death threats.  And now? The assassination attempt of Conservative Republicans. And folks, it is going to get worse. But even though we do have an ace in the hole, we also have a Trump Card. And Trump will put a stop to this reprehensible conduct by Liberal Democrats. He is probably the only person in this country who can put an end to this un-American conduct.


Donald J. Trump was elected fair and square despite nonstop, 24-hour media reports to the contrary during the last 6 months. Further, the media – along with numerous other groups and organizations (unions, government employees, Hollywood, Democrats, Republicans, those residing in The Cesspool (or is it The Swamp?), freeloaders, etc.) – are doing everything possible to get Trump to fail and their ideology succeeded, all at the expense of our country’s best interests. In the meantime (and as promised during his campaign), here is what Trump has accomplished in the last 6 months.

  1. Moving toward a healthcare plan to replace the disastrous Obamacare. It’s not just the rest of the country getting hurt with Obamacare, even those of us in New York are getting whacked.
  2. Moving toward tax reform that will result in more money in everyone’s pockets. We do lose some benefits, but additional costs will be made up by the tax breaks. After all, the middleman (the government) has been displaced which is sure to improve our lives.
  3. Secured a conservative on the Supreme Court, assuring that it will now follow Constitutional directives rather than the ideology of the Liberal appointees. And, there will be more coming in the years ahead.
  4. The stock market is up.
  5. Border crossings are down.
  6. Law and enforcement has returned.
  7. Improved our best interests at the international level.
  8. Has unleashed our energy potential.
  9. More jobs are available and unemployment is down.
  10. Attempting to implement a travel ban.
  11. I’m sure the readers can add to this list.


But what about the lies, deceit…hatred…depravities, etc., referred to in the title of this article? Here is part of what I’ve extracted from my notes.


  1. Bob Beckel of FOX was recently fired for making an insensitive racial remark. Ever see this guy earlier? This is a pitiful human being who is full of hatred for Trump and his family. This obnoxious individual would have wound up in a fight on THE FIVE. Good riddance!
  2. Deceit and manipulation? Just read the headlines in the New York Times. It’s there every day. It’s no longer “all the news that’s fit to print.”
  3. Paris Climate Accord. I bill myself as the foremost authority in the world on environmental management. I associate with leaders and authorities in this field. And a significant majority of these individuals believe as I do; the climate scenario put forth by fanatical environmentalists is a hoax. But what about the 95% of the engineers and scientists who agree with the Paris Accord scenario? All of them need for the climate problem to exist; otherwise they’ll be out of business – no contracts, no tenure, no promotion, no grants, no books, no articles. In effect, no nothing. The Accord? Only Americans who are not too bright would sign it.
  4. Chris Mathews. A fanatic ideologist who can’t find anything positive about Trump and his policies.
  5. Rachel Maddow. She has nothing but pure hatred for Trump and his family. Pure hatred. Her smirk tell it all. A truly sick individual.
  6. Chuck Schumer. Cried when Trump announced the travel ban. Interestingly, he didn’t cry when Americans died during terrorist attacks. He also disgracefully got his fellow senators to berate Gorsuch.
  7. The Liberals. Almost all of them are not only disappointing but also scary. It’s difficult to carry on a meaningful conversation with most of them.
  8. The Media. They just don’t stop with the lies, deceit, manipulation, etc. It’s round the clock. No wonder that those who can’t think for themselves have bought into this propaganda. The media has spearheaded a near 10-month campaign to get their ideology to win and America (along with Trump) to lose.
  9. John McCain. Jealousy of Trump reigns. Lindsey Graham is also part of this club.
  10. Hillary. Attempting to rewrite history. I believe she has mental problems.
  11. Kathy Griffin. An embarrassment to every American. A loser as a comedienne who is going to have trouble getting a job as a dishwasher.
  12. Muslim Mayor of London. “There is no reason to be alarmed with police in the street.” Would you be alarmed? Folks, this is how some people think.
  13. Tackled terrorist and terrorism head on.
  14. Advocating that is OK to be critical of a fanatical religion.
  15. Attempting to get education to teach our youth to love America (as I do) instead of distorting the truth and embracing Obama and Michelle’s policy of lying about our so-called faults.
  16. Has survived the hysterical media’s madness of legitimizing the lies, manipulations, deceit, etc.
  17. Has reduced the media to a state where they will soon be immaterial.
  18. Environmentalists. See (7).
  19. Finally, here comes the Comey comedy. Would anyone in their right mind keep him on as the FBI Director. This guy is not a joke. He is a self-serving out-and-out liar. His testimony did not match a timeline, was intimidated by Loretta Lynch, and failed to prosecute Hillary. During his conversation with Trump (for which there is no proof, other than a liar’s word), he was “stunned”, “confused”, “would have reacted differently,” “not clear,” etc. Would anybody keep this guy on in a responsible position? Would anyone believe him? His political career is toast…thankfully.


Bottom line: The Liberal leftists Democrats are up against it. Their conduct will catch up with them. There will still be those who can’t think for themselves. But Trump will take his lumps and ultimately overcome the haters and those freeloading leftists Obama holdovers embedded in government to make us all proud of our country. Finally, I am convinced that there are forces here and abroad at work to destroy America. I am also convinced that Obama contributed mightily to this by decimating our military and increasing our debt by 10 trillion dollars with nothing to show for it.


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