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January 31, 2015

February 1, 2015

FOOD has been defined as anything eaten to satisfy an appetite and to meet needs for growth.  It also maintains all body processes, and supplies energy to maintain body temperature and activity.  So food is important.  But the question that arises is – where is the food consumed?  At home?  In a restaurant?  This article is about the latter.

Anything on the history of food?  For nearly 100% of human history, human beings were hunters and gatherers of food.  The variety of food they consumed had the potential to provide essential nutrients, but the quantity varied, thus limiting the number of people that could be supported in a given area.

The first major event in terms of increasing food supply was the agricultural revolution, which occurred approximately 10,000 years ago.  This revolution resulted in an increase in both the quantity and dependability of the food supply.  The Industrial Revolution that began about 400 years ago also had explosive effects.   The application of scientific knowledge to food production resulted in many opportunities to increase food output, which brings us to recent times.

A fond memory of childhood (during the late 1930s) was dining with my parents on special occasions at a fantastic Greek restaurant called The Acropolis located in the vicinity of Columbus Circle.  Today, we often frequent another Greek restaurant in Bayside by the name of The Gyro Corner.  Although the atmosphere is good and the price is ridiculously low, it is the food that brings us there.  This place is a must for those who enjoy simple Greek food.

But it is now 2015 and we need to talk about restaurants in and around East Williston, home of yours truly.  Why?  I’ve been relegated to a relatively sedentary life that is highlighted by watching basketball games, betting on horses, visiting Florida, writing technical books, writing The Theodore Newsletter (www.theodorenewsletter.com) and EATING.  What follows are recommendations for a host of restaurants in the categories of (in alphabetical order): breakfast, Chinese, delicatessens, diners, fast food, Greek, hamburgers, and Italian.

Before proceeding, I need to note my position on spending money in Williston Park.  I’ve both stopped shopping there or donating to any of their causes after receiving a Village revenue-enhanced parking ticket geared to gouge an unsuspecting visitor.  When there were two locations for a particular restaurant and one was located in Williston Park, I listed the other address.  I also chose not to comment on French and other high priced restaurants.  “Exotic” restaurants – which I never frequent – were also not reviewed.


IHOP (Williston Park):  Senior citizen specials are excellent.  Reasonably priced.  Parking is a major problem of gigantic proportions and expect to wait for a table.

McDonalds (Mineola):  Mary and I are regulars.  Two sandwiches plus unlimited coffee (that is excellent) for a whopping $4.76.  Coupons can also help.

Denny’s (Carle Place):  Second to IHOP.  Very kid-friendly.

Starbucks (Carle Place):  Mary’s favorite for coffee.  Not for me; I think people who patronize Starbucks are nuts.

Dunkin Donuts:  My favorite coffee but not my place for breakfast.


Jade King (Roslyn Heights):  The standard by which others are gauged.  Excellent food at unreasonable prices.  Try some of the locals instead.


DaVinci’s (Albertson):  Fair by me.  Absolutely my family’s favorite.  Check for specials and coupons.  Excellent sandwiches.  Decent Italian dishes.

Cirello’s (Williston Park):  DaVinci’s competitor.  Check for $5 coupons.

North Shore Farms (Mineola):  The place I usually go to.  A decent mixture of good Greek food, Italian food, cuts, soups and bread.  Ah, the bread.

Harry’s — formerly Rudy’s (Williston Park):  Harry’s Greek food is excellent – as good as it gets.  Breakfast specials are also good.


The Lantern (West Hempstead):  Our favorite at one time.  Has fallen upon hard times of late.

Williston Town House (Williston Park):  One of the better ones.  Lots of food at reasonable prices.  Excellent for breakfast.

Old Westbury (Old Westbury):  An upscale version of the Williston Town House.

Excellent ambiance.  Some nice Greek dishes.  You can’t go wrong here.



McDonalds (Mineola):  Bring your coupons and you’ll get a decent meal at a very reasonable price.

Burger King (anywhere):  No thanks.

Wendy’s (Greenvale):  My favorite.  Bring your coupons and get treated to an excellent meal at a reasonable price – even more reasonable than McDonalds.

Nathan’s Famous (New Hyde Park):  Only with coupons.  Hotdogs, sauerkraut, mustard and fries are excellent.


OPA Grille (Williston Park):  The best of the locals but overpriced.

The Gyro Corner (Bayside):  I had to mention this place again.  Nothing compares to it.  Best value.  Excellent meals.  Try the gyro dinner ($9.85) with the lemon potatoes and you’ll take food home.



TR’s Great American Restaurant (Williston Park):  Reasonably priced.   The favorite of many, but not mine.

McDonalds (Mineola):  You can’t go wrong.  Ah, their French fries.

Wendy’s (Greenvale):  My favorite.

The Shake Shack (Carle Place):  The family’s favorite.  Slightly overpriced.

Burger King (anywhere):  Not for me.


Hildebrandt’s (Williston Park):  One of our family’s favorites, but I’ve never had ice cream there.

Carvel (Roslyn Heights):  The standard by which all others are judged.  Excellent stuff.  A bit pricey.  Good service.

Baskin Robbins (Albertson):  No thanks.  Fair service.

Breyers (any supermarket):  The best by my standards.


Vincent’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (Albertson):  Absolutely the best pizza anywhere; no other pizza compares to theirs.  Pricier than others but well worth it.  I’m not a fan of their restaurant.

Vincent’s Clam Bar (Carle Place):  Consistently voted the best restaurant.  Excellent salads, main course and desert.  Reasonably priced.  Excellent $10 luncheon.  However, it is much too noisy.

Umberto Pizzeria & Restaurant (New Hyde Park):  Perhaps the best.  Prices reasonable.  Pizza good.  The chicken rollatini is to die for.

Angelina’s (Williston Park):  Great local restaurant.  Kid-friendly, reasonably priced.  Absolutely the best Caesar’s salad and Bolognese.

LaParma Restaurant (Williston Park):  The family’s favorite, but not mine.  Grossly overpriced—grossly.  Food loaded with garlic.

Da-Angelo – Pizzeria and Restaurant (Albertson):  One of my favorites.  A local gem.  Very reasonably priced.  Super dinner specials on Monday-Wednesday.  Kid-friendly but noisy.



Lou Theodore

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