December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016


As many of the readers know, this month’s article was to be titled “On the 2016-17 Hofstra Basketball Season.”  But something happened on the way to the forum.  And yes, you guessed it – it was the results of the presidential election.  And, as Al Michaels once said (on the USA Olympic hockey team gold medal victory): “Do you believe in miracles?”


In some respects, the unthinkable happened.  Our great nation was probably saved from four more years of higher medical insurance costs, a crumbling infrastructure, a more weakened military, a disastrous foreign policy, a struggling economy, massive illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, an increase in un-American activities at home, the fostering of the insane global warming policies, the legitimization of Black Lives Matter, anarchy in the streets, the erosion of academic integrity, the disappearance of traditional American values, increased lying/manipulation/cheating, fostering the myth of the “war on women,” furthering of racial tensions, etc., etc.  Well folks, we’ve indeed been saved.  Thank you Donald Trump.


Come January, Trump (like Obama) will swear to “.…I promise to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States…” And, there is a reasonable chance that this time, unlike BHO, Trump will honor this pledge.  And, hopefully, during the next four years, he will provide a transparent Administration, abide by the rule of law, and eliminate the cesspool we refer to as Washington D.C.


The results?  What about them?  Here are some notes from my files since November 8:


  1. It was not only the Democratic Party but also the Republican Party that failed our country. But fear not, the “Tea” has returned stronger and unified.
  2. I never realized how corrupt our nation has become.
  3. Let us not forget Trump’s tremendous contribution that awakened the electorate to the evils associated with Black Lives Matter, being politically correct, disparaging the Constitution, etc.
  4. The Clinton “Foundation?” How do they get away with this scam?  It seems to me to be an organization that is based on influence peddling along with money laundering.  They have redefined charity.
  5. It should be obvious now that both Clintons are not only criminals but also traitors.
  6. Our government can’t solve problems because they are the problem.
  7. I doubt Trump will be able to bring back manufacturing jobs, but energy and infrastructure – both of which cannot be farmed out overseas – are another matter.
  8. The election pitted an insider vs. an outsider and the general public saved America by voting in the outsider – not the insider more corrupt than BHO.
  9. Three classes of people voted for The Hill: morons, liberal fanatics, and those wanting to retain their handouts. What a sorry group.
  10. The Hill and Bubba plus BHO and Michelle consistently played the sex and race card in an attempt to distract the voters.
  11. Anyone who loves our country and voted the Hill is an ass.
  12. Trump did our nation a great service by exposing the corruption at all levels of our society, media, academia, business, the FBI, DOJ, government, Hollywood, etc., etc.…..
  13. The movement toward socialism has failed.
  14. Remember it was The Hill and Michelle who claimed that “when they go low, we go high.” Of course, they had to be joking when both couldn’t have gone much lower toward the end of the campaign, and then said, nothing about the demonstrations that followed the Hill’s defeat.
  15. The reaction of the millenniums immediately following the election was disgusting and was in line with the conduct of The Hill, BHO, Michelle, etc. They remind me of spoiled brats after losing at a sporting event.
  16. Many other liberals have also gone berserk.
  17. Anybody really believe BHO will help the Trump transition team?
  18. It is now official. BHO will go down as our worst president…hands-down.
  19. I’d love to have an opportunity to interview the young Trump boy. I wonder what he is thinking.
  20. I still maintain that individuals should be required to pass a simple current events exam to qualify to vote.
  21. BHO and The Hill had great “ground games.” That’s where you bribe a clueless voter with transportation and a pint of rye, a cellphone, some grass, and $20 to vote for someone he/she knows nothing about.
  22. Am I alone in thinking that the voting haws should change?
  23. The Hill didn’t get elected, but she’s still a criminal, traitor, and multi-millionaire.
  24. The Hill and BHO’s legacy are not more.
  25. I’ve instituted a new $20 policy. I’m willing to pay $20 to put my left shoe up the ass of certain individuals.  I’m prepared to pay an additional $20 to also use my right shoe on Megan Kelly of FOX.
  26. BHO and The Hill have caused untold suffering and millions of deaths, and created havoc in most of Europe.
  27. The New York Times apologized for its unprofessional conduct during the campaign, then promised to change course, and then reverted back to its old ways.
  28. BHO went on a world tour lecturing the American people.
  29. When are some of the fanatical liberal Hollywood elites going to honor their promise and flee our country?
  30. BHO is truly delusional. He told the foreign press (not our press) that he did a great job as President – and that no one could deny that.  I guess he forgot about the 60+ million voters who rejected his policies and voted for Trump.
  31. I’m disgusted with the conduct of those fanatical liberals who have been crying, moaning, and claiming foul.
  32. The demonstrations/riots provide proof that the electorate made the right decision.
  33. You should boycott “Hamilton” if you’re an American.


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