On Being Un-American

October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

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The title of this article contains the word “un-American.”  Question:  Can we apply the word to Barack Hussein Obama (BHO)?

Ever watch BHO leave Air Force One with the two marines at the base of the exit ramp?  The two marines provide BHO with a crisp salute as he passes them.  In return, BHO gives what amounts to a “screw you” salute with an annoyed look on his face.  By the time he reaches the crowd and/or dignitaries, he has that horse manure-eating grin on his face and is all smiles, casual and jovial.  And, he does it every time.  I often wonder how our military can serve with BHO as the Commander-in-Chief.  My conclusion:  He has a distain for our military that knows no bounds.  Another conclusion:  He is un-American since no one who loves our country would conduct themselves in this manner.  This pattern of behavior on BHO’s part was the driving force to initiate BHO’s un-American file.  Here are some of the key points I was able to extract from this file.

BHO:    “Bring dignity to the Office of the President.”

FACT:  BHO and his VP are on tape using the magic four letter word.  Both, along with their supporters, have referred to Governor Palin and her daughter as whores, Governor Romney as a tax cheat, felon and murderer, and President Bush as un-American and stupid.  So then, what’s wrong with Clint Eastwood ridiculing BHO and questioning why BHO wants both Clint and Mitt to do something to themselves?  Ordinarily, Clint’s comment would be in poor taste….but not when commenting on BHO.

BHO:    “We are no longer a Christian nation.”

FACT:  BHO cancelled the National Day of Prayer Ceremony at the White House because of “not wanting to offend anyone.”  Yet, there was a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion in 2009 adjacent to the White House.  Furthermore, there were the recent attacks on the U.S. in the Middle East for which BHO refused to condemn the Muslim fanatics.  Interesting!  More on this later.  And then, there is the failure to reference God in BHO’s platform.  He later claimed it was an oversight which, of course, was simply a lie.

BHO:    “I will not weaponize space…I will slow our development of future combat systems”. . .  “a reasonable, well-thought-out foreign policy” (of course, this is a joke) . . .  “I want to carefully examine our priorities” . . .   “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.”

FACT:  Plato, one of my ancestors, once had this to say:  “Revolutions break out when opposite parties are equally balanced, and there is little or nothing between them; for, if either party were manifestly superior, the other would not risk an attack upon them.”  What can we infer from this?  Earth is doomed without a Superpower.  And, the most benevolent Superpower (and conqueror) known to mankind is none other than the US of A.  BHO’s attempt to level the playing field consists of attacking the military budget, weakening the US military and its defense capabilities, ignoring our allies (Israel and Great Britain), and providing aid and encouragement to the enemies of the civilized world.  This is about as un-American (and idiotic) as one can get.  But even worse is that he is now the official second coming of the pacifist Nevelle Chamberlain.  Remember him?  Have the liberal historians ever estimated how many millions died and suffered because of his accommodating/appeasement policy toward the enemies of the world?  Keep in mind that (I believe) a superpower can maintain its dominant position only through economic and military might; wars, particularly nuclear wars, benefit no one.  Thus, it is economic and military strength that will primarily determine the destiny of wars.

BHO:    “I support our military.”

FACT:  Actually, he is destroying our military budget…mothballed part of the Navy…and is decreasing the number of military troops.

BHO:    “The missile defense systems in Europe.”

FACT:  I’m sure Russia is happy.

BHO:    “…people in the world for whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression.  You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”

FACT:  I guess BHO didn’t realize that the above refers to the Civil War.

BHO:    “I might salute (the flag) if we redesigned it so not to offend our enemies.  The nation’s anthem should be replaced with something less bellicose like “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

FACT:  Hello….Nevelle Chamberlain.

BHO:    His partner, the Last Lady, commented: “America is a mean-spirited country.”

FACT:  Please name me one person that is more mean-spirited.

BHO:    Once again, the Last Lady: “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

FACT:  How many working Americans do you know who would make such an outrageous statement?  She really is a prize.

BHO:    “…promise to transform America.”

FACT:  This is from an individual of questionable diverse heritage.

BHO:    “…fundamentally change” his (adopted?) country.

FACT   Why the fundamental need for change?  The Constitution is probably the greatest political document ever written, and will hopefully continue (not with BHO) to withstand the test of time.

BHO:    “The leaks of classified information did not originate with my Administration.”

FACT:  It did! And, he has done nothing about it.

BHO:    His main man, Justice Eric Holder, is attempting to overturn voter photo ID laws.

FACT:  I was recently asked for photo ID at a local library.  I guess voting isn’t nearly as important.

BHO:    “My Attorney General.”

FACT:  Holder has implemented an all-out attack on all states that have passed voter ID laws and has consistently ignored voter fraud.  We have now moved from racial harmony to racial discrimination-American style thanks to BHO and his Attorney General.

BHO:    “My Attorney General.”

FACT:  Thanks to BHO’s blessing, Holder refused to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidation tactics in 2008 and not only fired those opposing abortion but also allowed them to be attacked.

BHO:    “My Attorney General.”

FACT:  Holder chose to dismiss the Black Panther case.  What happened?  BHO’s US Commission on Civil Rights refused to investigate Holder.  The Commission?  Made up of BHO’s Commissioners and Czars.  This is BHO’s American view on racial justice.

BHO:    “Bush’s tax cuts for the rich are the main reason for the current crisis.”

FACT:  It is President Bush, you disrespectful egomaniac.  And is it un-American to blame others for your failures?

BHO:    A policy of insulting President Bush, the Supreme Court, American workers, the Constitution, etc.

FACT:  It is everybody’s fault but his.

BHO:    George Bernard Shaw had to be thinking of BHO when he wrote: “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on Paul’s support.”

FACT:  In BHO’s case, it is the entitlement recipients, particularly those on food stamps.  If BHO gets reelected, he can thank that industrious group of Americans who receive food stamps.  Also, why the need for food stamps when a majority of Americans are obese?  And this number has increased significantly the past four years.

BHO:    “Change must come to Washington.”

FACT:  I need a definition of his word “change.”

BHO:    “I aim to fundamentally change this great nation” (and his adopted country?).

FACT:  He is hell bent on changing it.

BHO:    “A change we can believe in.”

FACT;  Does this include his role in ACORN?

BHO:    Will “improve our image internationally.”

FACT:  They are, particularly our enemies, all laughing at both him and our country.  Has he improved our image with Israel?  I’m sure he will claim that, if it were not for his appeasement policies, the recent attacks on the US embassies in the Middle East would have been worse.

BHO:    “I am committed to attaining energy independence.”

FACT:  His non-existent energy policy is destroying our country.  Gasoline is approaching $4.50/gallon and I hate to think about my home heating oil bill.

BHO:    “Capitalism has never worked.”

FACT:  How in the hell did I get from where I was at birth to where I am today?  I guess it was FDR’s failed socialist policies.  Actually, it got this way because the energy and individual genius of man was unleashed to a greater extent than has ever been done before.   Thank you both democracy and capitalism; it certainly wasn’t socialism and entitlements.

Does BHO believe we should be industrious, independent, successful, etc.?  Or, does BHO believe in manipulation, class warfare, intimidation, etc.?  Or, is BHO hell-bent on using the power of the Office of the Presidency to reduce our citizens to a state of dependency?  And, possibly more importantly, will he surrender this power when his term is up?  I could trust George Washington to do the right thing, and history demonstrates that there were other Presidents who would and did the right thing.  But, BHO?  I don’t think so.  I say this because BHO does not possess the spirit of the Founders nor the principles of the Declaration of Independence nor the willingness to comply with the Constitution.  Plus, he’s an egomaniac.

Unlike BHO and the Last Lady, I am proud of my country.  Make no mistake.  I love my country.  Always have.  Maybe not nearly as much as the Navy Seals, most of the military, and our operatives abroad, but I consider myself lucky to have lived my entire life in this great country.  BHO does not meet my standard for any US resident who loves his country; he does not deserve to be called an American.

Lou Theodore

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