On the PTO

March 1, 2012

Folks, and those who are presently incarcerated or institutionalized.

This one is particularly directed toward the EWSD parents as it is about their Parent Teachers Organization (PTO).  It really should be the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), as with many other schools, but then, the group would be constrained by the requirements of this national organization . . . something they are unwilling to do—for their self-serving reasons.  In any event, I have regularly referred to it as the Select Parents Scamming Other Parents (SPSOP).

Obviously, the EWSD is a dysfunctional organization that is not serving the best interests of the parents, schoolchildren, seniors, and taxpayers.  Do I have a basis for this statement?  You tell me.  The District’s ranking and reputation is in a freefall decline, the student:teacher ratio is 9.75:1.0, the annual per capita student cost is $30,000+ (not the lie being perpetrated by Lewis), there is essentially no accountability in the District, teacher absenteeism is rampant, Wheatley seniors are having difficulty getting into the school of their choice, seniors lack college preparedness (I’ll have more on this next month), etc., etc., etc.  Are the parents in our District concerned?  Apparently not, thanks primarily to an ongoing brainwashing campaign.

Did I say brainwashing?  Perhaps duped is a better word.  Our parents have been successfully conned by a well-orchestrated campaign.  And it’s not Lewis’ lying, or conman Konberg and his group, or the teachers, or the teachers’ union.  It’s their own PTO leadership.  I remember sometime back when two totally untrustworthy PTO leaders—Cassali and Golden—attempted to con me.  The leadership has since changed, but the organization’s misguided objectives have not.  Here’s more from my PTO file:

  1. Remember the 2010 budget vote?  The PTO sent out a last-minute flyer to the voters that was full of lies.  I dissected the flyer’s contentions in a “Letter to the Editor” and proved that EVERY point they raised was a LIE.  Guess what?  They never responded.  Imagine being called a liar and not responding.  But then again, this is how Lewis and Konberg operate.
  2. Remember Finkelstein?  He’s the Wheatley science teacher preaching impossible to prove environmental information to our kids while refusing to allow another opinion (from a PhD in the field) to be heard.  Wheatley Principal Feeney obviously could care less.  But, what about the PTO?  They refused to object and take action, just like Lewis and Konberg.
  3. Most people I know believe the PTO uses school resources that they are not legally entitled to.  I know it and can prove it.  Lewis has offered cunningly-worded denials of this fact since she knows there have been too many parents involved in this improper activity who can prove me right.
  4. As I noted earlier, teacher absenteeism is rampart.  (I’ll also have more to say about this next month.)  The PTO has steadfastly refused to address this problem and insist on some form of accountability.
  5. The student:teacher ratio is 9.75:1 and the annual per capita cost is $30,000+.  One has to be ignorant and not realize that this translates into massive waste, particularly since it has been repeatedly documented that higher taxes do not equate to better education.  And where is the PTO?  Right in step with Lewis and Konberg.  It’s simply ignored.  And then there are still 22 secretaries; one can only imagine what they do with their time.
  6. Wheatley seniors aren’t getting into the school of their choice.  PTO and parent concern for our seniors is nonexistent; the same can be said for Lewis and Konberg.
  7. Wheatley’s ranking is plummeting.  Again, no concern.
  8. I’ve asked for an opportunity to address the PTO membership on numerous occasions.  Each request has been denied.  I believe the PTO officers simply want to retain an advantage for their kids over the children of the rank-and-file parents.  Parent members should demand an explanation.

As I’ve repeatedly stated, the EWSD is broke beyond repair thanks to Bergtraum, Israel, Karol, Wasserman, etc., and more recently with Konberg, Freier, Keefe, Fallerino, and Slone (anybody notice that she has miserably failed to live up to her election promises).  The only possible hope is the PTO, an organization that unfortunately continues to dupe its members.  Only when its members come to their senses will anything meaningful take place.  Parents, it is really up to you to step up and put a stop to this exploitation of our schoolchildren.

Of course, there is more.  Here is something the PTO, as well as the EWSD community, is not aware of.  I submitted a FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request on December 19.  Assistant Superintendent Fitzpatrick (another Lewis?) responded on December 21, acknowledging my request.  It is now March 1 (65 days hence) and there has been no response.  None of the requested information has been received, nor notification of when it will be forthcoming.  Here is the New York State Education Law regarding FOILs:

“If circumstances prevent disclosure to the person requesting the record of records within twenty business days from the date of the acknowledgement of the receipt of the request, the agency shall state, in writing, both the reason for the inability to grant the request within twenty business days and a certain date within a reasonable period, depending on the circumstances, when the request will be granted in whole or in part.”

Thus, they are in violation of the law by denying me information I am entitled to.  I have not taken any further action (at this time) since this violation will lead to a loss of State funds by the District.  Does anyone think Konberg will take action on Lewis violating the law?  Can a responsible PTO officer help me?  You make the call with these self-serving PTO administrators.

Finally, last month I noted: “(Board Member) Keefe’s daughter was recently approved as an EWSD substitute.  Innocent?  Was the hiring process truly objective?”  At the recent February Board Meeting, a new position was created (part-time monitor at Wheatley).  Who do you think was approved for this job?  Keefe’s daughter!  Innocent again?  By the way, this does not conflict time-wise with the other job she was approved for.  There are currently 9 monitors at Wheatley.  This now makes 10?  Do we really need another monitor?  You make the call.   Look out folks—there is a past history that part-time positions turn into full-time ones!  You make the call.”  I guess Keefe, with Konberg and his Board, decided to add to the waste, despite their commitment to reduce waste.

I return next month to discuss our teachers.  If this topic wasn’t so sad, it would b a fun endeavor.