July 1, 2019

July 1, 2019

From my files. Here are 25 questions worth four points each. Good luck. The answers appear at the end of the article.


  1. What world-renowned philosopher said: “Revolutions break out when opposite parties, the rich and the poor, are equally balanced; and there is little or nothing between them; for, if either party were manifestly superior, the other would not risk an attack upon them.”
  2. When and what famous and charismatic individual wrote a Broadway musical play last year that no one gave a second thought?”
  3. Can you describe the origin of the term “subway” as it relates to tipping (gratuity)?
  4. What famous actress said: “don’t kiss me, I just took a bath.”?
  5. Who is currently involved with developing new potable water process systems in order to solve a major problem facing mankind?
  6. What famous actor said: “We’ll always have Paris.”
  7. What immortal movie character said: “After all, tomorrow is another day.”?
  8. What famous actor said, “Go ahead, make my day.”?
  9. What President said: “Government’s view of the economy can be summed up in a few short phrases: if it moves, tax it; if it keeps moving, regulate it; and, if it stops moving, subsidize it.”?
  10. What author said: “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”?
  11. What famous television newscaster said, “We are not educated well enough to perform the act of intelligently selecting our leaders.”?
  12. What famous world leader said: “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”?
  13. What famous philosopher said: “In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one party to give it to the other.”?
  14. What famous author said: “No man’s life, liberty or prosperity is safe while the legislature is in session”?
  15. What famous individual said: “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free!”
  16. What President of recent times decided to rewrite and reinterpret history?
  17. What famous world leader said: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessing; the inherent blessing of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”?
  18. What famous personality first described Barack and Michelle as “The Entitlement Kid” and “The Last Lady,” respectively?
  19. What famous American said: “A Government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have”?
  20. If Joe Biden isn’t the dumbest individual in the swamp, then who is?
  21. Can you offer a comment on the 10 senators who questioned Kavanaugh?
  22. What do Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Gerald Nadler, etc., have in common?
  23. Which democratic presidential hopeful would best serve our great nation?
  24. What would have happened to our great nation if The Hill, and not Donald Trump had been elected?
  25. Is it possible to Make America Great Again?


Bonus question: Can you explain the difference between investigating and spying?


Here are the answers to the 25-question quiz. Each question was worth four points. How did you do?


  1. Aristotle (384-322 B.C.); Politics, Book V
  2. It was last year and Lou Theodore.
  3. A soda/beer concessionaire at the old Jamaica, Aqueduct and Belmont racetracks in the late 50s would bellow out “subway” when a customer left a nickel tip (a generous one in those days) – the same cost as the fare on the subway.
  4. Barbara Stanwyck
  5. Why your favorite author, of course.
  6. Why Bogie, of course – Humphrey Bogart, Casablanca, 1942
  7. Scarlett O’Hara, Gone with the Wind, 1936.
  8. Clint Eastwood, 1983
  9. Ronald Reagan, 1986
  10. George Bernard Shaw
  11. Walter Cronkite
  12. Winston Churchill
  13. Voltaire, 1766
  14. Mark Twain, 1866
  15. J. Rourke, Civil Libertarian
  16. Jimmy Carter, and more recently, BHO
  17. Winston Churchill
  18. Lou Theodore, 2010
  19. Thomas Jefferson
  20. Nancy Pelosi and BHO are a close second and third, respectively.
  21. In a very real sense, they are traitors.
  22. They too belong in jail
  23. Sorry! I wanted to lighten the presentation. The question is obviously a joke.
  24. You can find out by electing a liberal/democratic as president in 2020.
  25. It is possible, but there is only one who can do it and, no matter what you think of him, our nation will forever be grateful for saving us from The Hill.


Bonus question answer:

To investigate is to inquire in order to uncover facts and determine the truth about an individual with his knowledge. To spy is similar except the inquiry is conducted secretly without the individual’s knowledge. In other words, Trump was spied on by HBO’s administration.


I had fun writing this one. Prepare for another quiz in the not too distant future.


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