February 27, 2016


This a unique one.  Rather than to provide 25-30 one-liners, I’ve decided to do something different for this 23rd edition of the “random” series.  This one contains a short paragraph on topics of interest to me.  Here is a dozen.


  1. The Hill. I open with Hillary Clinton.  Here is my description of the Clintons:  They are two thoroughly rotten human beings: lying, manipulating, deceiving, exploiting, etc. have become a way of life for both of them.  Her laugh and cackling are totally artificial.  Polls seen to indicate that young women voters are rejecting her.


  1. Hofstra Men’s Basketball (2015-16). This may be Hofstra’s year.  Then again, it may turn out not to be for a host of reasons.  At the top of the list is a porous defense, followed by the lack of a backup center, the lack of a shot blocker, and the lack of a great defensive guard.  Furthermore, Coach Mihalich appears committed to a five-man rotation due to the loss of Malik Nichols, which could expand to six with the addition of Buie; this might spell disaster in a potential three-day/three-game tournament in March.  I maintain that 35+ minute players in a high powered offense will unquestionably cheat on defense – and this problem needs to be addressed.  Nonetheless, it’s been a great year and they have a solid, exciting club.


  1. Basketball Coaching 101. My Basketball Coaching 101 (436-page) book is still out in the marketplace at either Amazon.com or createspace.com for $17.95.


  1. Society needs to come to grips with the reality that environmentalists and their supporters are probably the greatest threat to society.  They are a frightening group that is fanatical.  This group will do anything – lie, manipulate, deceive, etc. – to achieve its misguided goals, including saving Mother Earth from itself.  Most of my colleagues in the field and I have separated ourselves from these sickos.


  1. Global Warming. Environmentalists justify their conduct by arguing that over 90% of the technical community supports their position on global warming.  But nearly all of the 90% they refer to have vested interests in their being this catastrophic problem facing society.  If there is no problem, most of these so-called experts will be out of a job.  At a minimum, there will be no tenure, no promotions, no articles, no consulting, no books, no government grants and contracts, etc.  And, the environmental organizations that also support this scam will have greater difficulty in generating funding, donations, and government support.  Finally, nearly all my colleagues in this field do not support the environmentalists’ claims.


  1. Killeen’s Tavern. It has been 60 years since the birth of the Killeen’s Tavern basketball team.  The relentless passage of time has taken its toll on the group.  However, here is how Ron Roel described the Boys of Killeen’s in a feature Newsday front-page article (May 12, 2005) titled “Pivotal Friendships”:  “They teamed up 50 years ago on a tavern basketball squad and their connections still have bounce.  When the boys of Killeen’s Tavern gather to remember the times they spent as a tough and talented street basketball team decades ago, the rules are quickly evident, even to newcomers:  you’d better duck… From the moment you enter their company, the wisecracks whiz by, sometimes from unexpected quarters, like a behind-the-back pass.  But, by most standards, this team has shown remarkable resilience and continuity, meeting once or twice a year, socializing in smaller groups, attending the weddings of each other’s children, occasionally vacationing together, and watching TV sporting events like ‘March Madness.’  A number of the men have died.   And while most of the remaining team members still live in the metropolitan area, a few come from Florida, Georgia and North Carolina to attend the reunions.”


  1. Eli Manning. The New York Giants are toast.  There is no hope for the next season and any other season if Manning is quarterback.  He is definitely the most overrated and luckiest quarterback of all time.  Their only hope is to draft a quarterback and start anew.


  1. The Factor. It’s primarily the main non-sports show that I watch.  I don’t read papers.  I definitely don’t read The New York Times; the same applies to Newsday.  I don’t read magazines.  I don’t watch any news programs on TV.  I have come to intensely dislike Megan Kelly (Fox) who I earlier immediately described as a phony.  Bill O’Reilly’s (BOR) Factor is all I need for news.  Our nation should be grateful to BOR for providing, unlike most news sources, fair and balanced news coverage.  Nonetheless, I’m still annoyed that BOR has failed to acknowledge my dedication to him in one of my recent books.


  1. Great Eats. There have been several requests for a follow-up on an earlier article entitled “Great Eats.  It would not be feasible to address all the various ethnic restaurants but will limit it to Italian for this short paragraph.  The best pizza remains Vincent’s (Albertson).  For dinner, I recommend Angelina’s (Williston Park), Vincent’s Clam bar (Carle Place), and Umberto’s (off Lakeville Road in New Hyde Park).


  1. As noted some time back, people are now finally coming to grips with the corruption within the NCAA.  The recent findings of the phantom programs, inflated grades, no-show courses at the University of North Carolina for the past 20 years are just the tip of the iceberg.  Violations are popping up at nearly all the schools with major basketball and football programs.   The reality is that nearly all the programs (if not all) are cheating in some manner or form.  The only difference is the degree of cheating.


  1. Man of the Century? I have Obama in the running for Idiot, Boob, and Traitor of the Century.  I have Hill and Bill as the two most rotten individuals of the Century.  But the Man of the Century? Or is it woman? That has yet to be decided.


  1. Barack Hussein Obama. The reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain.  Where does one start? Or is it end?  I believe that a fair, intelligent, and objective individual – after examining all of BHO’s actions, policies, background, appointments, and comments – would have to conclude that he has served as a major liability to our great nation.  I just can’t see it any other way.   Has he knowingly and deliberately attempted to hurt us?  Perhaps Dick Cheney said it best:  “If you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing.”


I’ll return in 8-10 months to the usual format with a couple of dozen one-liners.  Hopefully, they will engage (or perhaps enrage) the reader.


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