On Purely Chaste, Pristine, and Random Thoughts XIX

September 1, 2013

In the mailbox: see end of article.

No one – including CBS, NBC, ABC, Hannity, Greta, Geraldo, and Billyboy – has recently requested my thoughts on life in general. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true; notwithstanding this embarrassing dilemma, I am forging ahead with the following 20 points of potential interest to the Theodore Newsletter readers.
• I no longer use the word “romantic” with the word “war”,
• Why can’t more politicians be like Maureen O’Connell?
• The holidays will arrive in four months. I suggest you send either hand-written or computer-generated greeting cards/notes. In your message, remember that you can’t negotiate with time.
• The three main jobs of an educator are to instill the value of scholarship, athletics, and intellectual honesty in his students.
• What unrenowned educator/author said: “Contrary to what many believe, I was something less than a mediocre student in college with a GPA of 2.4/4.0” (answer at end of article).
• Looks, height, sex (women have the upper hand here), personality, ethnicity, being a “doer”, and abilities to communicate verbally and in writing are the main predictors of an individual’s future success.
• Prior to marriage and becoming a father, I never gave a second thought to where my life, education, and professional world would take me. My education and early career decisions were (fortunately?) made by others. However, I did learn in my mid-teens that physical labor was not for me.
• One of the important keys to success for those who work for industry, business, education or government is to make oneself indispensible on the job.
• I believe most doctors start out dedicated to serving their patients, but then greed sets in. Speaking of doctors, I still remember my first encounter with mine who I called and informed him that I’d just broken my leg in two places. “What should I do?” I asked. He paused and then replied: “Don’t go back to those two places”.
• Someone once said that 80% of life is just showing up. Modern technology has reduced that to somewhere in the 20-30% range.
• Relatively speaking, and family commitments aside, I never let my education or job get in the way of having a good time.
• I dedicated one of my books to Bill O’Reilly. I sent him a copy. He never acknowledged receiving it. I requested the book be returned. I’m still waiting.
• I never had a one year, five year, ten year, etc. plan in my adult life. NEVER. Daily or weekly plans – yes. I don’t believe in long-term plans work – they hinder originality and can create unnecessary problems and stress. The technology explosion revolution has all but eliminated long-range plans.
• I have been involved in a lot of different “outside” activities. But, W-2 forms were received from the same organization for 50 consecutive years. Conclusion: I never had the guts to leave.
• Why can’t caring parents tell their kids that they need to read, write, etc. in order to succeed in life?
• I was a Depression baby.
• The Great Depression affected many. Despite growing up in the slums of Hell’s Kitchen, it wasn’t until the mid-50s that I became aware there had been a depression. I wasn’t rich, was never a big spender, but can’t ever remember not having something I wanted or needed during that era.
• I’m proud to say that my parents never said a negative thing about any race or religion.
• For those of you my age, I still remember Gabriel Heater and The Lone Ranger radio programs.
• I still pal-around and vacation with approximately two dozen friends of 50+ years. One of them was recently observed arguing with a stop sign.

The unrenowned educator author is none other than Mr. Modesty himself, Lou Theodore.

Visit the author at
And refer your friends, colleagues, enemies, etc., to the site.
Lou Theodore
Here is what is on tap in the coming months:
October 1: On the Barack Hussein Obama Legacy
November 1: The OHI Day III
December 1: Play Ball
January 1: Revisiting the East Williston School District

Mailbox (re: The New Cooper Union)
Sad what has happened to Cooper Union and to America. With 51% of Americans voting for this Muslim/Communist, it will take decades, if ever, to overcome his purposeful destruction of America.
Name Withheld

Mr. Theodore: I loved the Cooper article! I hadn’t known a lot about the institution but I really liked your perspective. You also asked for my comments on the NYRA article. Candidly, you do seem a little bitter in the article and it wasn’t my favorite but, in fairness, I think I’ve put NYRA in my rearview mirror and it’s no longer interesting to me. I’ve lost hope that my children will be able to enjoy a “Day at the Races” with their families and/or friends 20 years from now. I think NYS has ruined the Sport of Kings.


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