Barack Hussein Obama Update IV

October 1, 2014

October 1, 2014

It’s time for another BHO article. As many in the reading audience know, I have repeatedly claimed (and believe could prove in a court of law) that BHO is

1. a liar
2. dumb
3. lazy
4. corrupt
5. un-American
6. an egomaniac
7. nasty and arrogant

I’ve listed three dozen of BHO’s activities since the last article in the April 2014 newsletter. Once again, the reader is encouraged to assign the appropriate number above to each activity.

1. Continues to tell the public that he is beholden to no one, including you and me.
2. Has become a habitual loafer.
3. Played golf and had a jolly old time immediately following a ISIS beheading incident.
4. Continues to wage class warfare between the rich and poor, young and old, sick and healthy, white and black, educated and uneducated, etc.
5. Regularly is without and/or lacking a plan, purpose, policy, preparation, etc.
6. Responses to critical issues have been laughable.
7. Continues to place our nation deeper into debt.
8. He is not a student of geography, a characteristic of dumb people.
9. He is not a student of history, a characteristic of dumb people.
10. Has attempted to rewrite the history of our nation.
11. Continues to impose repressive legislation and rules that has hampered the development of business.
12. Continues to refuse to accept the greatness of this nation.
13. He is a coward who has refused to accept that war, i.e., the necessity of war, is sometimes necessary and inevitable. Hello Neville Chamberlain.
14. Has poisoned part of our nation with his disloyalty.
15. Refused to accept that there is an international terrorist threat.
16. Improperly decided to take action on one shooting in Ferguson for which he had no facts.
17. Has refused to take action on the documented, round-the-clock murder of hundreds of young blacks in Chicago, yet got involved with the killing of a young black in Ferguson, MO.
19. Stood by quietly as fellow-racist Eric Holder expressed sympathy and understanding for those rioting, shooting and looting in Ferguson.
20. Refuses to hold his appointees responsible for any wrongdoings.
21. Continues to use the government for political and personal purposes.
22. Refuses to accept that duties supersede all personal and ideological considerations.
23. Has never commented on his failure to honor the promise to “get to the bottom of this problem….” 8 TIMES. 8 TIMES!!!
24. Has refused to sympathize with whistle-blowers.
25. Has effectively claimed (with a straight face) that he knew nothing about the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.
26. Never explained what happened with his “red line.”
27. Never retracted his initial Benghazi statement that it “was a spontaneous riot about a movie.”
28. Never retracted his promises on Obamacare, i.e., premiums will be lowered, you can keep your doctor, it will be a simple process, etc.
29. Is more concerned about healthcare for terrorists, prisoners, illegals, and those unwilling to work than for our veterans.
30. Has never really explained his failed foreign policy with respect to ISIS, immigration, Putin, North Korea, China’s excursions, al Qaeda, veteran services, etc.
31. Continues to change things in our government.
32. Has forgotten this statement: “I, Barack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America…so help me God.”
33. He has successfully divided our nation and united our enemies.
34. Due to BHO’s position on foreign policy, energy, jobs, health care, etc., our nation is indeed in decline.
35. BHO is now into fundraisers and golf – wisely no longer lecturing us on his great accomplishment. Remember his dozens of speeches on Obamacare?
36. BHO blew it in Iraq (another idiotic decision) since the war was won and the country was well on its way toward a democracy – something that would have devastated our enemies in the Middle East.
37. Claimed to Bill O’Reilly that “there isn’t a smidgen of evidence that the IRS acted improperly,” even through his appointee Lois Lerner refused to testify.

I need to further address the events that have transpired in Ferguson. The rioting, looting and unlawful conduct following the shooting of the black man lasted two weeks. At no time did BHO and/or Eric Holder condemn this behavior by these criminals/misguided individuals. Why no comment from these two? It’s simple – both are racists. Why no condemnation by the liberal media? It’s simple — they are all corrupt and a disgrace to their profession.

Of course, there is still “I will put an end to conduct that breeds division, conflict, and cynicism”, “will bridge the gap between black and white”, “will have the most transparent administration in history”, and “will restore trust in Government.”

At this point in time, our nation is ruled by a lawless administration headed by a corrupt, lazy, lying un-American, and potentially crazed individual that has refused to be accountable to the electorate. The pressure and criticism the president is experiencing is justifiable but his ego is coming to the forefront, which may lead to disastrous results in the future. I say this because I believe our country is being run by an irresponsible uncontrollable committee consisting of really dumb people.

I will return next year with BHO V. I dread to think what else can transpire in the coming months with the idiot at the helm. Note: Some would argue that it is inappropriate and improper to call our President dumb and an idiot but remember this is the same guy who kept telling the world that he claimed he knew more than his speech writers, advisers, experts, etc., and is “focused like a laser on creating jobs.”

Lou Theodore

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