July 15, 2012

The following articles on Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) appeared earlier:

June 15:          On Being Dumb

June 30:          On Being a Liar

Usually, it is not easy to prove that a cunning individual is a racist.   But, in Barack Hussein Obama’s (BHO’s) case, it really is not that difficult.  I feel comfortable claiming this because a number of my childhood friends (fromAstoria) are still racist.  With them, every time a black-white problem arises, it is ALWAYS the fault of the blacks. ALWAYS!  The reverse case in point are the racists Sharpton and Lamont Hill (the Columbian professor who regularly appears on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor program).  BHO showed his true colors (??) with theBostonepisode between the white detective and the black professor.  BHO immediately, and falsely, accused the detective of wrongdoing.  The same result was observed in the recent Zimmerman-Martin case inFlorida.  BHO concluded on this occasion, as well that “whitey” was wrong before he had the facts.  In any event, here is more from the BHO racist file.

BHO:   Rev. Jeremiah Wright:  “my mentor.”

FACT: This really says it all and proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that BHO is indeed a racist.  BHO and the Last Lady attended 20 years of his racist, anti-American sermons… later claiming they weren’t aware of Wright’s ranting.  BHO threw him under the bus and then successfully gave Bill O’Reilly the spin on this issue.

BHO:   Louis Farrakan, head of the Nation of Islam, “a friend.”

FACT: He threw him under the bus as well.

BHO:  Richmond,Virginia:  two white journalists attached by a group of blacks.

FACT: Did BHO demand an investigation?  Did BHO condemn the attack?

BHO:   Van Jones, one of BHO’s appointed Czars.

FACT: He also threw him under the bus.

BHO:   “Eric Holder, my Attorney General.”

FACT: Refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers, who, in open violation of the law, intimidated white voters at an election site during BHO’s successful election bid in 2008.  Holder also once claimed that “Americans are wards in matters of race;” true, but there are also blacks, like BHO and himself, who are guilty of the same matter.

BHO:   On the recent riots inOakland,San Francisco, and more recently, BHO’s home town ofChicago.

FACT: BHO ignored them.

In addition, it was Holder who was able to obtain a pardon for the traitor Marc Rich.  Holder is presently about to be indicted in the “Fast-and-Furious” scandal, and is also using every questionable means to overturn the voter photo ID laws.  This guy is really a prize.

BHO:   Samir Shabazz, Black Panther

FACT: Never offered a comment on Shabazz’s: “You’re going to have to kill some crackers; you’re going to have to kill their babies.”

BHO:   Has chosen to NOT brag about his book, “Dreams from my Father.”

FACT: I always brag about my books.  So does O’Reilly and every author I know.  I wonder why BHO doesn’t.

BHO:   From his book, “Dreams from my Father.”

FACT: “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”  His mother, as most of you know, was white.

BHO:   From his book “Dreams from my Father.”

FACT: “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that, by doing so, I was integrating myself to whites.”

Based on the above, how would you classify BHO (as well as the Last Lady)?  Also keep in mind that the word “racist” and “racism” is routinely used by blacks and liberals, and, in particular, blacks who are liberals.  It hurts that I’ve placed myself down at the level of these societal misfits.

Lou Theodore

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FOLLOWING POSTING:  “On Being a Socialist Communist,” August 15th


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