June 29, 2012

Reader – Please note that a submitted letter on the Roslyn Country Club follows this article. 

Webster defines a liar as “a person who lies.”  And a lie as “to make a statement that one knows is false, especially with intent to deceive; to make such statements habitually.”  Now let’s see if it is appropriate to apply the term “liar” to Barack Hussein Obama (BHO).  Here are some of the facts that were drawn from my BHO files.  You can decide whether the following justifies sticking a “liar” label on BHO.

BHO:     “Our relations withIsraelhave never been better.  They are better than any previous administration.”

FACT:   Ouch!  Folks, lying is a way of life with BHO.  Its part of his modus operandi…it just comes naturally to him.

BHO:  “Our nation only possesses 2% of the world’s oil supply.”

FACT:  Present estimates are that we possess 26% of the world’s oil supply.

BHO:     “My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in government.”

FACT:   This one is really a beaut.  He’s as guilty as Pelosi and Reed.

BHO:     “I think my initial measure of success is creating or saving over 4 million jobs.”

FACT:  How can this be if unemployment increased from 6.5% to 8.2%?

BHO:     “We cannot continue to borrow against our children’s’ future.”

FACT:   Duh!  The deficit is now $16 trillion.

BHO:     “In my wildest dreams, I never thought the $800 billion stimulus program would work this well.”

FACT:   Most Americans are still waiting to get stimulated.

BHO:     “This is going to be a transparent administration.”

FACT:   Really?

BHO:  “We cannot generate sustained growth without our deficit under control.”

FACT:   Why hasn’t he done something about the deficit if he really believes it?

The deficit is now increasing at an exponential rate.

BHO:     “A big part of our campaign was about changing the wayWashingtonworks – including the responsibility to live within its means.

FACT:   BHO did change it; it’s more corrupt and spending more.

BHO:     “Physicians collect $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 for foot amputations.”

FACT:   Foot amputation costs are in the $1,000 range.  (Three years ago, my toe surgery cost $300.)

BHO:     “The least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now.”

FACT:   His major effort since that comment has been to promote to the electorate his accomplishments?!*!  It has been one campaign fundraiser after another.  He’s a regular no-show at the White House.

BHO:     “I have done more than any other candidate…to take on lobbyists…They have not funded my campaign; they will not run my White House.”

FACTS: Someone please check his appointments (some of whom were forcefully dismissed) and grants to so-called deserving corporations (many of whom have gone belly-up!).  Also remember the SET union’s comment: “We’ve spent a fortune to elect BHO…$60.7 million, to be exact.”

BHO:     “I am proud that we passed the recovery plan free of earmarks.”

FACT:   There were over 7,000 earmarks!!!  He is either lying or just plain dumb.  It’s probably a combination of the two.

BHO:     “Washingtonwill have to tighten its belt and put off spending.”

FACT:   Anybody believe he’s put off spending?

BHO:     “I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time, and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Bears football game.”

FACT:   He met and talked with RB several times.  Like I said, lying is a way of life with BHO.

BHO:     “I passed 900 bills in the Illinois Senate.”

FACT:   He passed 26 bills – 3% of the true number.  Another gigantic lie.

BHO:     “I never practiced Islam.”

FACT:   He practiced Islam while a student in a Muslim school inIndonesia.

BHO:     “I was a Professor of Law.”

FACT:   He was a lecturer…about the same level as an adjunct lecturer, which is one step above a graduate student.

BHO:     “I want to disabuse people of the notion that somehow we enjoy meddling in the private sector.”

FACT:   You make the call here.

BHO:     “The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession.”

FACT:   He’s planning on raising taxes on both the rich and middle class.

BHO:     “I don’t believe in bigger government.”

FACT:   Then why is our government expanding?

BHO:     “Nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctors you have.”

FACT:   We have since determined that this is a blatant lie.

BHO:     “We have done more to advance the cause of healthcare reform…not because I believe in big government…I don’t.”

FACT:   Once again, why is government expanding?

BHO:     “More young black men languish in prison than attend college.”

FACT:   There are twice as many blacks aged 18-24 in college than in jail.  He obviously feels he can say anything he wants, even if it’s not factual.

BHO:     “I’ve laid out how I’ll pay for every dime – by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens.”

FACT:   BHO has had nearly four years to do some closing, but has done nothing to day.

BHO:     “A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.”

FACT:   I guess Pelosi and Reed were not aware of this.

BHO:     Promised “line-by-line vetoes.”

FACT:   Not yet.

BHO:     Promised “tort reform”.

FACT:   Not yet.

BHO:     “The private sector is doing fine.”

FACT:   He’s not joking, is he?

BHO:     Promised to eliminate lobbyists.

FACT:   He had 11 on his payroll that the taxpayers were paying for.

BHO:     “Healthcare for all Americans.”

FACT:   Did he knowingly lie and deceive us when he claimed it was definitely not a tax?

BHO:     BHO and the Last Lady “never realized” about Reverend Wright.

FACT:   After nearly 1,000 sermons!!?*?!  Check Ed Klein’s new book “the Amateur” that the liberal media (NBC, CNBC, New York Times, etc.,) essentially refuses to acknowledge exists.  They must take us for fools.

Of course, there is more, but hopefully, you get the picture regarding Barack Hussein Obama, our President.  In the meantime, I ask you to think about the above and return to Webster’s definition of a liar.

Any comments?  Have I distorted the facts, as some have accused me?

Lou Theodore

NEXT POSTING:  The next article is scheduled for July 15th and will deal with the fact that                                     BHO is a Racist.

FOLLOWING POSTING:  “On Being Nasty and Arrogant,” July 31, 2012.




To the Editor:

The June 8th article “Deal would get town a new park” cites the town’s deal to purchase 7.3 acres of the 10-acre Roslyn Country Club.  It also mentions that “the 668-homeRoslynHeightsdevelopment hold exclusive rights to access to the club”.  However, it does not address the fact that the town has not made a “deal” to purchase those easement rights.  The easement rights in past years have been valued in the aggregate at approximately $10,000,000 or $15,000 per home.

Another issue is the approximately 250-car on-site parking area, which cannot accommodate a 1,000 family membership plus guests attending functions at the catering hall.  The facility is located in the center of a residential area, making it difficult and unsafe for the streets to accommodate both the additional street parking and the influx of massive traffic that will be produced.

Furthermore, the $1,000 fee (which does NOT include use of the tennis courts), is almost 4 times the cost for theManorhavenBeachPark($280, INCLUDING tennis) as well as the Clinton G. Martin Park ($250, INCLUDING tennis).  The exorbitant fee proposed by the town would make the facility an exclusive club rather than aTownPark.  Town parks should be welcoming to, and inclusive of, ALL town residents, and not priced so as to exclude the majority.

In addition, if the quest for a 1,000-family membership does not materialize, ALL town taxpayers, whether or not they have the financial ability to obtain membership in the park, will in effect be non-members paying additional taxes to cover the shortfall in order to subsidize those who can afford membership.

It should further be noted that the entire 10 acres of the Roslyn Country Club, by a Judgment of the Supreme Court, and affirmed by the Appellate Division, “shall be restricted so as to be used for no purpose other than a country club”, including allowing the building on the premises to be used for catering.  If the remaining 3 acres, which includes the catering hall, would remain privately owned and re-zoned to “commercial”, this would not only violate the court decision but would open the property to future undesirable development.  It was in the infinite wisdom and intent of the courts to have this property remain open space, and not have any portion of this property turned into a commercial venue.

Robert and Sheila Kushner

Roslyn Country Club Residents



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