The following articles on Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) appeared earlier:

June 15:          On Being Dumb

June 30:          On Being a Liar

July 15:           On Being a Racist 

Just prior to Barack Hussein Obama’s (BHO) election, I had a discussion with our best man on the McCain-BHO election.  He mentioned, in passing, that his in-laws, who reside in Great Neck, were diehard liberal Democrats.  He then informed me how unimpressed they were with BHO, and they concluded that BHO was both arrogant and nasty.  Thus, the title of this article.

It was at that time that I started my “Nasty and Arrogant” file.  Here is part of what was accumulated over the past four years.  Please note that I have also included material on how BHO has inconvenienced people in the past.

BHO:  Last month, BHO spoke at the Air Force Academy Graduation.  He left early to campaign and attend a fundraiser.  Unfortunately, the graduates and the audience were forced to endure a half hour delay in order to insure his safe departure for the fundraiser.  Everyone was inconvenienced.  This is the same guy who vacations, campaigns, fundraises, plays golf, etc., but he couldn’t afford these Americans a half hour of his time.

FACT:   What a dog.  How many think President George Bush (or his father) would have conducted himself in this manner and would have inconvenienced thousands on that special day?

BHO:     A theater-goer.

FACT:   I placed this point in the arrogant category.  BHO spent nearly one million dollars and inconvenienced nearly one million citizens when he took the Last Lady to a play in New York City.  No doubt he was pressured by the Last Lady, another proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she, too, is spoiled, arrogant and inconsiderate.

BHO:     Bypassed the Congress and created over 30 Czars.

FACT:   Many of the Czars proved to be either radicals,  racists, un-American, unqualified or crooks…..or all of the above.  One thing we know for sure is that they are BHO unaccountable cronies.  What’s worse is that it has been reported BHO recently increased their salaries by $5 million (collectively).

BHO:     Has surrounded himself with ideologs like himself.

FACT: Could it be that BHO is so arrogant that he doesn’t want to hear anyone question his assessments?

BHO:     “All the choices we’ve made have been the right ones.”

FACT:   This highlight will also make the egomaniac article.

BHO:     “We are no longer a Christian Nation.”

FACT:   How about “We are primarily a Christian Nation.”  Shades of Bill Maher insulting Christians.

BHO:     The Last Lady: “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”

FACT:   Does BHO feel the same way?  And, what will the Last Lady think if BHO is voted out of office?

BHO:     “…promise to uphold the law.”

FACT:   Well, not quite.  He has chosen to bypass immigration laws that he disagrees with.  He also chose to snub the unanimous Supreme Court decision to uphold Arizona’s immigration law that he disagrees with.  The guy is power-crazy and is hell bent on finishing his term as an emperor.  His arrogance is unlimited.

BHO:     “…promise to enforce the law.”

FACT:   Promises don’t count with BHO.  He has chosen to refuse to enforce a law passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.  This is raw arrogance.

BHO:     “…my Attorney General.”

FACT:   BHO has chosen to apply executive privilege to save his cohort who lied under oath.  The two can’t simply accept responsibility for their conduct and have come to believe that lying is one of their entitlements.

BHO:     “This is a nation of laws.”

FACT:    For us, yes.  But we now know it does not apply to BHO and Eric Holder.  What arrogance!

BHO:     Nasty insults of the rich.

FACT:   BHO has used such terms as “the enemy,” “greedy” and “fat cats.”

BHO:     Attempted to intimidate the Supreme Court.

FACT:   How arrogant can this guy get?

BHO:     Has improperly by-passed the Congress.

FACT:   I guess this is part of the “change” he promised.

BHO:     Promised “to unite Americans.”

FACT:   Has done nearly everything in his power to declare class warfare (even some of this supporters admit this) on the American people.  I believe this is just the beginning – he will do anything in the months ahead to get himself re-elected, including endangering the lives and foregoing the best interests of Americans.

BHO:     Continues to lecture us.

FACT:   I’ve had enough of it.

BHO:     Preached for civility and collegiality following the shooting in Arizona.

FACT:   The White House continued berating and insulting others the very next day.

BHO:     “I was a Professor of Law.”  See earlier “On Being a Liar” article.

FACT:   He couldn’t be that dumb not to know what the rank of Professor represents.  As it turns out, he was simply a lowly (relatively speaking) Lecturer on Leave.

BHO:     Repeatedly claimed that he knew nothing of Reverend Wright’s rambling sermons.

FACT:   Check Ed Klein’s book: BHO and Wright agreed to a cover-up.  Wright has not denied it.  Only someone arrogant would blatantly lie to the American public.

BHO:     Continues to berate President Bush, claiming he is responsible for our present economic woes.

FACT:   He once stated “Bush ought to go back to school.”  Not President Bush, but Bush.

BHO:     His White House called for respect for the Office of the President.

FACT:   I guess that does not include President George Bush.

It’s bad enough that he is nasty and arrogant.  He’s also an egomaniac – a topic I will address in the August 31st article.

Lou Theodore

NEXT POSTING: “On Being a Socialist/Communist,” August 15

FOLLOWING POSTING:  “On Being an Egomaniac,” August 31st

Suggested Reading:  Ed Klein’s The Amateur and David Limbaugh’s The Great Destroyer.  Both books provide extensive details and documentation of most of the BHO material to date, as well as what will follow.


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