March 1, 2023

The United States of America, popularly referred to as America, is a federal republic. The total area of the U.S. is over 4 million square miles and it has an enormous variety and quantity of physical and chemical features plus a wide diversity of animal and plant life.

It is also fair to say that the U.S. is blessed with natural resources. The country’s climate is favorable for a diversity of crops and forest products. The Corn Belt, a region stretching from western Ohio to central Nebraska, is the largest expanse of prime farmland in the world. Significant deposits of many important minerals are also present within the country’s borders.

Let’s start with media bias. Bias? Here’s what Webster has to say about this word: “tendency, prejudice, influence, presupposed…” Elsewhere we have: “prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.” The main function of the media – newspapers, radio television, movies, plays, etc. – is to report the news. It is a significant force throughout the world for informed people in helping mold their opinion. Most of the media compete for advertisement (income and readers / viewers). To cope with the competition associated with “instant” news and information, some of the media, e.g., newspapers, have become more analytical by providing background and analysis material on the news. However, the freedom employed by the media has been attacked in recent years because of concerns associated with the aforementioned bias.

What a great nation for anyone to be born into. At least, I always felt that way. But something very negative has occurred since the turn of this century. Here are the two major concerns that now have me worried:

  1. The integrity of elections has now legitimately come into question. But even worse, elected officials have been voting in blocks, not as individuals. This was brought on by Pelosi’s effectively mandating that Democrats ostracize Republicans and vote solely on the Party’s interests (not the electorate’s interests). The Republicans have understandably recently followed suit, producing a polarized state, for which there appears no solution. Thank you, Pelosi. The end result is that the Democrats have put our nation on a very dangerous course.
  2. The media has bought into a new liberal progressive policy that in a very real sense violates not only the intent but also the rule of the Constitution. I read the headlines in the New York Times and Newsday every day and it is disgusting; I occasionally watch some of the progressive TV programs, and I find the presentation sickening. But make no mistake, we are a product of the media. I for one believe what is reported on Fox because of the video replays and because they have been proven right time and time again.

What does all of this mean? Our nation cannot survive without fair elections and / or with a biased media. When was the last time the present Administration and the liberal progressive media had a positive thing to say about Trump? About Republicans? About guys like me? I’ve been labelled un-American, a Nazi, a hater, a racist…you name it. Here’s some of the lies we have experienced over the last 6 years because of the media: obstruction of justice, collusion with the Russians, stealing the election, hatred for minorities, hatred for illegal immigrants, hatred for America (!), exploitation of workers, etc., etc. At the time of the preparation of this article, it was the media’s squelching news on the Biden crime family, Hunter Biden, the President’s mental incompetence, Kamala’s incompetence, the Administration’s incompetence, COVID-19, China’s invasion of our air space, etc. etc. 

In the meantime, a spoiled billionaire egomaniac playboy (who some of us–including yours truly–used to laugh at) somehow overcame insurmountable odds to win a primary, win the 2016 election, and deliver on his promises to the electorate – all despite opposition from unions, liberals, the Democratic party, the Republican party, the cesspool in Washington, some truly crazed women, Hollywood, foreign leaders, sports heroes, idols, etc. And further, and still in the meantime, the corrupt media has mounted nonstop attacks (with no credence) on not only the past president regarding his physical health, mental health, adult sons, daughter, in-laws, younger child, wife, associates, appointments, lying, womanizing, etc., but also your favorite author.

Will we follow the same path as so many other great nations in the past? It’s easy to say yes. After all, Biden has eliminated any chance for energy independence, is content to see gas / home heating oil prices soar, and thanks to the media, successfully blame others for what has happened. At this point in time, however, there is a new kid on the block: a Republican House. The question now is whether the Republicans will follow Pelosi’s gameplan. I hope so, at least for the time being. It’s what is called fair play. Let’s get to the bottom of the Biden crime family, Hunter Biden, the Afghanistan debacle, the COVID-19 debacle, the earlier 574 riots, the southern border debacle, the FBI, the Attorney General, key news not reported by the media, the 2-tiered justice system, etc., etc., and put an end to these relentless attacks on Trump, Fox News, … and those of us who came to love and appreciate what a great nation we were prior to this Administration.

Bottom Line: What will come of our once great country?? What about our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren? Do others not see what has happened? Why are responsible individuals catering to illegals, prisoners, murderers, illiterates, rioters, etc., and not to the working class? And then there is the $64,000 questions – who the hell is running our country and transforming the trajectory of our great nation? Help %&$#?@!

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