July 1, 2022

Over seven years ago (2015), I wrote my first article concerned with GREAT EATS. Since then the newsletter has addressed food topics concerned with diners, steakhouses, Greek restaurants, and Italian restaurants, and there has been some feedback on each.

After much deliberation, it was decided to follow-up these articles with one concerned with pastrami sandwiches. Why pastrami? Because it is part of the New York city landscape. There are only three recommendations to follow since any contact with restaurants / delis have been limited. In any event, here goes.

  1. BEN’S. Not my favorite but Mary loves going there. Their pastrami sandwiches have gotten smaller and the pastrami tougher and fattier. Of course, order your sandwich on rye. Ask for extra sour pickles, two additional slices of rye bread. The french fries are good, but don’t taste well the next day. The coleslaw that comes with the sandwich is fair, the mustard excellent, and the Russian dressing is excellent. We normally order (and split) the pea soup which is good (I think their soups are devoid of salt). I try to go with specials or on our birthdays.
  2. LIDO KOSHER DELI. Similar to Ben’s but the sandwiches a little bigger. Their hotdogs and knishes are excellent. One of our favorites when we visit Long Beach. The service is also similar to Ben’s. No specials here which detracts. It’s rumored that it smokes, cures, and steams their pastrami at the location.
  3. SUPERMARKET PASTRAMI. I regularly purchase pastrami from the North Shore Supermarket in Mineola but any supermarket would do. I usually heat it up in the toaster oven and then prepare a sandwich. The pastrami is leaner, less tough, and, of course, the price is right (the price of a deli pastrami sandwich usually ranges from $12-$15): and, there is no 20 plus percent tip. I often do the same thing with corned beef. The meat lasts for nearly two weeks. This is my favorite approach to pastrami sandwiches.

There are a host of deli locations in not only Queens and Brooklyn but also Nassau County. I suggest trying some to find out for yourself. The three that come with some positive recommendations include Pastrami Plus, Pastrami and Friends, and Pastrami King. Happy hunting.

I return next year with GREAT EATS VI.

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Here are this month’s three defensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.

  1. Coaches should stress the importance of helping each other on defense at all times.
  2. Defensive drills should include one-on-one practices against various types of offensive players.
  3. Practice what to do if the offense is planning to miss a foul shot at the end of a game.

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