May 31, 2020


Once again, it’s Memorial Day. Another holiday and a day off for most. How easy it is for many to think of this as another of the 365 days in the year (actually, 366 this year). We normally barbecue and party…but not this year, thanks to the Coronavirus. Some may give thought to our fallen heroes. Others may pray for peace while others could care less. And then, this holiday that is observed in honor of those who paid the ultimate price, is gone.


Every Memorial Day, I am reminded of a passage in the 1957 James Michener book “Tales of the South Pacific,” a story of his experiences in Southeastern Asia during WWII. In part of this passage, a young American soldier expresses his feelings on visiting a cemetery on the island of Hoga Point.

“Before me lay the dead, the heroic dead who took the island. Upon a strange plateau, on a strange island, in a strange sea, far from their farms and villages, they sleep forever beside the lagoon which bore them to their day of battle…”

This passage, in part, describes the sacrifices the men and women made for our country.


D-Day, which occurred in June three-quarters of a century ago last year, attempts to recognize the sacrifices made by so many to end wars.  Wars have unfortunately become inevitable during my short stay (86 years) on this planet. But, as long as there have been  wars, our nation has had many who unfortunately gave their lives for a better future. These are the individuals we should never forget. Why? Here is but a short list of things we do today–normally taken for granted–that these brave soldiers will not be able to experience:

  1. Keep company with the loved ones in your life
  2. Enjoy a delicious meal
  3. Watch a classic movie on TCM
  4. Bet the races at Gulfstream Park
  5. Take a leisurely walk
  6. Talk with friends and loved ones by phone
  7. Interact virtually with friends and loved ones
  8. Read a great book
  9. Sit in the backyard under a canopy
  10. See the flowers begin to bloom

Here are a handful of things that we will not experience today thanks to our fallen heroes.

  1. War
  2. Starvation
  3. Drought
  4. Being deprived of our liberty and freedom
  5. Experiencing loss of most, if not all, forms of energy
  6. The disappearance of love in our lives

Yep, we have much to be grateful for…despite the present pandemic. Thank you fallen heroes and let us celebrate America and pray for another year of peace.


P.S.: Mother’s Day came and went. Hats off to these special persons. My mother? All I can say is that she sacrificed everything for her two children. Thanks Mom.


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Here are this month’s three defensive suggestions from the upcoming second edition of my “BASKETBALL COACHING 101” book.


  1. Know who to foul and who not to foul near the end of the game.


  1. If losing, consider substituting after a foul shot in order to better set the defense.


  1. Practice various backcourt defenses and defensive strategies.



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