JUNE 1, 2017

Over two years ago (2/2015), I wrote an article titled “On Great Eats.” Since then, the newsletter has addressed topics concerned with economics, Hofstra Basketball, my book Basketball Coaching 101, Obama, Trump, school teachers, budget votes, random rantings, dieting, etc. There has been feedback with some of the more controversial articles. But the one that garnered the most interest was the “Great Eats” write-up; in fact, I’ve been bugged to write another piece on this topic.

After much deliberation, it was decided to follow-up on the first article that reviewed restaurants that I categorized as breakfast, Chinese, delicatessens, diners, fast food, Greek, hamburgers and Italian. However, based on requests from my readers, this article would primarily be on Italian restaurants. What follows is my take on Italian restaurants in Nassau County, but in particular with those in the Willistons, Mineola, Albertson, Carle Place, Roslyn, and Garden City areas. Here is my review on over two dozen of these restaurants (in alphabetical order).

  1. Angelina’s (Williston Park): Noah never offers specials or coupons and yet is a popular local restaurant. Kid-friendly and reasonably priced. The bar area is small but comfortable. A party room is available. The menu features some tasty dishes. Absolutely the best Caesar’s salad and Bolognese.
  2. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (Carle Place): Reasonably priced. The pizza is OK. Other features are also OK.
  3. Barosa Pizzeria and Restaurant (Mineola): Very informal. Tiny nondescript bar. Lacks the atmosphere of the original on Woodhaven Blvd but the food is above average and the price is right. Some decent specials and coupons.
  4. Cafe Baci (Westbury): Reasonably priced. A host of pasta dishes, some of which are really good. Lunch there on two occasions was a pleasant surprise.
  5. Café Formaggio (Carle Place): Upscale. Good food but pricey. Comfortable bar. Try the lasagna – nobody makes it better.
  6. California Pizza Kitchen: I got introduced to “California” in Las Vegas. Very reasonably priced but the food is average at best.
  7. Da-Angelo – Pizzeria and Restaurant (Albertson): One of my favorites. A local gem. Very informal. Very reasonably priced. Home of the original and best Grandma pizza. Thank you Angelo. Dinner specials on Monday-Wednesday were recently eliminated but excellent luncheon specials. The Bronzini is a popular dish. Lovely, friendly staff.
  8. Domino’s: I don’t patronize “fast-food” pizza joints. One of the better of its kind.
  9. Frantoni’s (Williston Park): A cut below the rest. It’s tough to make a case for this place since it is surrounded by some really good restaurants. Not for me but it is conveniently located and reasonably priced.
  10. Gino’s Pizza and Ristorante (Williston Park): Their specials earlier in the week are ok. Reasonably priced but food is fair.
  11. La Parma Restaurant (Williston Park): The family’s favorite, but not mine. Large bar area. Grossly overpriced – grossly. Food loaded with garlic.
  12. Louie’s Pizzeria (Carle Place): Their specials earlier in the week are ok. Not for me but reasonably priced.
  13. Luigi’s Pizzeria of Mineola: Reasonably priced but food is fair at best.
  14. Maggiano’s Little Italy (Garden City): Food is good and the price is reasonable. Lots of specials and coupons. Worth considering.
  15. Mama Theresa’s Pizzeria (New Hyde Park):   I haven’t been there in years but it is popular. The pizza is good and dinner menu is ok. Reasonably priced.
  16. Matteo’s Restaurant (Roslyn Heights):   Upscale and expensive. Family style. Recent price increase have taken this restaurant off my radar screen.
  17. 17.Olive Garden:   Only for those who don’t know a good Italian dish. Very reasonably priced.
  18. Papa John’s Pizza:   Don’t even think of going there.
  19. Piccolo Bussola (Mineola):   Some good specials. Upscale. A bit on the expensive side but food is good.
  20. Pizza Hut: Not for me but one of the better “fast food” places.
  21. Positano Pizzeria Ristorante (Williston Park): My wife’s favorite spot. Excellent pizza. Reasonably priced. Claustrophobic environment and poor service.
  22. Pompei Restaurant (West Hempstead): I haven’t been there in years. Once a premiere restaurant with excellent service.
  23. Stella Ristorante (Floral Park):   Our favorite restaurant decades ago. I haven’t been there in years but I remember the food and service were excellent.
  24. 24.   Umberto Pizzeria & Restaurant (New Hyde Park):   Perhaps the best. Prices reasonable. Pizza very good. The chicken rollatini is to die for. Service is significantly sub-par.
  25. Vincent’s Clam Bar (Carle Place): Consistently voted the best restaurant. Jammed on weekends and some weeknights. Try the meatball appetizer (free with coupon) and the Caesar’s salad. Their $35 takeout family meal (M – Th) is the bargain of all bargains. Reasonably priced. Excellent $10 luncheon. Numerous coupons add to its “glamour.” However, it is much too noisy and the tight seating is not to my liking.
  26. Vincent’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (Albertson):   Absolutely the best pizza anywhere; no other pizza compares to theirs. Pricier than others but well worth it. I’m not a fan of their standard restaurant menu. Hopefully, Silvio and Ray will change that in the future.

Relative to the other categories of restaurants, everything else is pretty much the same. Jade King remains the King of the Chinese list (and still grossly overpriced) and the Old Westbury Diner – run by the Dimas family – is in a class by itself. IHOP is still the place for breakfast. The only positive addition to the old list would be Chipotle (Mexican).

I hope the above helps. Happy Eating!

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