On Purely Chase, Pristine, and Random Thoughts XX

March 1, 2014

Here’s another of a “random” variety. Much to my surprise, some of the readers enjoy these types of articles. So, once again, here goes with another 20.

• As far as I’m concerned, comedienne Wanda Sykes speaks a foreign language. It might help if she took a course in English.
• Is it me, or does Joe Biden look and behave like an idiot? Forget about it when he opens his mouth.
• Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) looks and sounds more unpresidential each passing day.
• Don’t be surprised if the ASPCA demands that teams named Bears, Blackhawks, Cardinals, etc. change their names.
• My parents came from Sparta, Greece, and are referred to as Spartans. Would it be reasonable for me to object to Michigan State University referring to their team as the Spartans?
• There is no question that Bill O’Reilly (who wronged me on one of my earlier books) is the second most powerful person in the U.S.
• Over the last half year, the media has essentially refused to report (and provide specifics) on BHO’s healthcare as it relates to increased premiums and individuals losing their coverage.
• If you can make more money on welfare than you can working, most people will gladly go on welfare.
• Network news allocated twice as much time on the Last Lady’s birthday as it did on the Benghazi cover-up expose. Anyone surprised?
• Contrary to BHO’s claims, the only way to reduce waste in government is to reduce the size of government.
• I think all Americans should accept the fact that the majority of Americans are Protestants/Christians who believe in (I don’t) salvation and that death simply separates two lives.
• Harvard, with its affirmative action Ph.D. programs, is unquestionably the most overrated university in the U.S.
• Remember my earlier suggestion (XIX) – don’t go to the movies.
• Radio did damage to vaudeville, TV did damage to radio, and ??? will do damage to TV.
• Relative to charities, I only support the Frances Pope Foundation and the Wounded Warriors Project.
• Unfortunately, money is the standard by which most measure their success.
• There are individuals on this planet who have unfortunately found it easy to use other humans as slaves and farm animals, to make them suffer, and to do away with them without blinking an eye.
• I may be wrong but it seems to me that when people are laughing, they rarely are killing one another. CONCLUSION: Laughter is good.
• If you love your work and put your heart into it, you’ll be a winner.
• Liberals like BHO believe that if we are fair with others, they will be fair with us. Does anybody believe you can successfully apply this to the likes of Statin, Hilter, Mao, Assad, Khadafy, Hussein, etc.
• I’m still trying to figure out why I have never been selected as “the sexiest man of the year”. It turns out that I wasn’t even considered this past year.

I return with XXI in November.

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  1. Rita DAquino says:

    Love it!

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