An Analysis From Afar

November 15, 2012

The following articles on Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) appeared earlier

(and are located immediately following this commentary):


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Zzzabuu is his name.  He just recently arrived from the planet Zzokki in a far-away galaxy, having been dispatched to Earth on a second fact-finding trip.  Zzzabuu had been selected by the Superiors because of his great intellect and analytical mind.

On reaching Earth on his first visit in early 2008, Zzzabuu set out immediately to accomplish his new assignment:  to determine (1) the meaning of life (2) the extent of progress on the Planet Earth, and (3) provide details on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election between John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama (BHO).

Several months of intensive study followed at his base of operation in East Williston, home of a nondescript former Professor of Chemical Engineering who would serve as his contact.  After obtaining all the facts and having a flair for the dramatic (he had minored in liberal arts and drama), Zzzabuu prepared his 2008 report in a manner that any Zzokkian could relate to and understand.  His unedited 2008 z-mail to the Superiors regarding the 2008 Presidential election follows.

“I humbly submit this report to the Superiors.

One of the Presidential candidates – BHO – was attempting to baffle the electorate despite being devoid of any professional accomplishments.  This individual could not possibly serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the planet’s most powerful military machine and also direct the world’s largest economy.  I am also reasonably certain that BHO is lazy, incompetent, nasty, arrogant, un-American and an egomaniac.  Worst of all, he is definitely a LIAR – as you all know, this is an act subject to life imprisonment on the faraway barren planet of Zzalcatrazz.  I have concluded, and can assure the Superiors that it would be impossible for such a dastardly individual to be elected President in the great nation known as the USA.”

Soon after returning to Zzokki from the planet Earth in August 2008, Zzzabuu received the prestigious Rruzzokki Prize, awarded for excellence in investigative reporting.  This was followed by a lecture tour.  Zzzabuu shocked and stunned audiences with his description of BHO and of the level of corruption in media reporting, medicine, and law in America.  Later, as a Visiting Professor at the University of Ssirrozz (his undergraduate school), Zzzabuu extended his analysis of corruption in America to include professional sports, some college sports, and a Board of Education in a school district on Long Island, referred to as the EWSD.  Unfortunately, Zzzabuu was brought up on perjury charges by the Elders (judges who report to the Superiors) immediately following BHO’s election in November 2008.  In a split 8-7 vote by the Elders, Zzzabuu was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor at the prison Zzzattica in Zzokki.  Interestingly, the deciding vote was cast by the Superior Superior.

In early 2012, the Superiors realized that they had no one capable of reporting on the 2012 Presidential election in the U.S.  By a 9-6 vote of the Elders, Zzzabuu’s sentence was commuted to temporary probation so that he could return to plant Earth for reporting purposes.

Some time after returning to Earth in 2012, Zzzabuu again concluded that BHO could not possibly be reelected given his dismal economic, health, energy, illegal alien, and foreign policies, as well as a host of other disasters that his Administration had successfully covered up to an indifferent and uneducated public.  The debt had skyrocketed, his healthcare program was astronomically expensive and a deterrent to business, the EPA had instituted regulations that were destroying business activities, there was no energy or illegal alien policy, and the U.S. was closer to a nuclear confrontation than in the Russian days, etc.  However, this time, Zzzabuu decided not to submit his report until after the election.  Fortunate for Zzzabuu!  As it turned out, a host of factors impacted the election result.

Here is the report Zzzabuu prepared and submitted to the Superiors several days after the 2012 election.

“BHO’s reelection was a shock, although our contact fellow Zzokkian Zzztheodore, here on Earth (code name Lou Theodore)–although an enterprising but not particularly bright individual–had predicted it.  His basis?  There were several factors.  The voting days were extended without apparent legal justification.  Beside the biased media reporting, the debates were shrouded with unethical media conduct; Romney was interrupted again and again, had his time allocation reduced, and the moderator once misrepresented the facts.  And, of course, there were the voters who were certain to support BHO:  all of the Blacks, most of the Hispanics, a handful of academics who are poisoning the minds of the young, a few of the Hollywood elite who have no need to balance their checkbook at the end of each month, nearly all civil servants, many union workers, those who have been successfully brainwashed by the leftist media that includes CNN, NBC, CNBC, the New York Times, etc., young single women who have yet to experience life-learning activities and remain influenced by the distorted mentality of Liberal Arts educators, and the entitlement (food stamp) recipients who no longer need to work.  What a group of quality supporters, who, for the most part, lack meaningful education and are not particularly bright.  The most befuddling part of all of the above analysis is how this totally incompetent and full-of-horse manure egomaniac managed to con the electorate to vote for him.

I offer the following analysis of the future requested by the Superiors.  The U.S. appears to be moving toward a socialist economy and away from a capitalist economy.  The economy will recover slightly in the years ahead but the debt will continue to skyrocket.  The winds of war are appearing on the horizon with BHO’s inept foreign policy.  Lying, corruption, deceit, etc., will become the mode of operation of BHO, as well as for many Americans who will also adopt his conduct.  BHO’s ecomania will balloon and he is certain to pass himself off as God’s gift to Americans.  He is also certain to miss more daily briefings, golf more and vacation more while additional national and international problems develop.  And, he will continue to prance around with his cocky horse-manure eating grin as if all is well . . . all the while looking with disdain on the average citizen, his own media servants, and in particular, those in the military.  He will also continue to refer to spending as investments, tax increases (that will be directed at the working class) as the need to be fair and balanced, the decreased cost of health care (a total lie) that the corrupt media will ignore, the increased the size of government to create jobs (I call it socialism), expand entitlements as necessary for the nation, and claim his foreign policy of appeasement as a success.  He will also continue to lie (as he did during his four years and the campaign) to both the seniors about Medicare and Social Security, as well as to women about their impoverished state.  And finally, he will continue to blame everyone but himself – since by definition he is infallible – for his failed economic and foreign policies.  Time will cure many of the above ailments as more Americans come to realize BHO’s true character, particularly his lying.

BHO’s massive lies and cover-ups (Black Panther case, Fast-and-Furious, Benghazi, General Petreas, etc.) have been essentially totally ignored by his media.  At the same time, this astounding conduct has been ignored by a majority of the electorate; my only explanation is to attribute this to their lack of intelligence and/or brainwashing ability of the media and/or an indifference to the state of the nation.  This may be hard for the Superiors to believe and understand, but it appears that many American should not be allowed the privilege to vote.

No one seems to be willing to face the fact that BHO bought the election through bribes via giveaways and entitlements.  Romney correctly attributed the election results to “policy gifts that the President gave to young voters, Blacks and Hispanics.”  (We in Zzokki would refer to the gifts as bribes, a term politicians in the U.S. are reluctant to use since it is considered politically incorrect).  Nearly 50 million people are receiving food stamps and as that will increase in the future the liberal support base will correspondingly increase.  This trend is certain to destroy and terminate the traditional American economic way of life.  It appears BHO is committed to weakening the U.S. by placing more Americans in a state of lifetime dependency through entitlements.  I think it is fair to conclude that this great nation—that we as Zzzorkians have come to admire and respect–is doomed.  Unfortunately, I just cannot see a way out of the cunning and disastrous policies of BHO.

Another interesting phenomenon associated with BHO is that he is viewed by many as being a brilliant, sincere, truthful, compassionate, reasonable, caring, industrious person who projects the qualities of a statesman.  However, in reality, I now know for certain that he is not only a liar, but also a racist, nasty, arrogant, egomaniac, lazy, and un-American.  In effect, he is by Zzokkian standards, a thoroughly rotten human being, and his wife, who Zzztheodore refers to as the Last Lady, for the most part is no different.  I sincerely thank the Superiors for this opportunity to visit Earth again and interact with Ambassador Theodore (despite his short comings) on the key issues in the U.S.  It is disconcerting that seniors, women and the working class (not civil servants or teachers) are certain to suffer in the years ahead because of BHO and the majority of accompanying corrupt liberals and his adoring media.”

It was just reported that, based on the above report and Theodore’s letter of recommendation, Zzzabuu’s sentence was reluctantly commuted by the Elders (with the Superiors approval) and placed on 14-weeks probation consisting of house arrest plus the wearing of an ankle bracelet.  Despite being considered inept and rather useless, the Elders chose to commend Theodore for the assistance provided Zzzabuu during his second stay on Planet Earth.

NEXT POSTING:      January 1, 2013;   “On a School Board Revisited”


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