On Being Lazy

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 September 30, 2012

I recently read a biography on George Washington, our first President.  The author described that Washington demanded “self-sacrifice from his aides, who had to follow his schedule uncomplainingly.”  They slept in open air before a battle, gave up soft beds and forwent habits of ease and indulgence that included the hard floor of the fields, early rising, and almost perpetual duty.  Washington’s choices for his family (including Martha) and military were permeated by an ethos that one could never square with an entitlement attitude.  On reading this account, I couldn’t help but think of Barack Hussein Obama (BHO), a person who has never worked an honest day in his life.

Never worked an honest day in his life?  Could this be true?  Here’s his record (from my BHO files):

 A no-show community organizer;

a no-show state senator;

a no-show senator; and

a part-time President.

A community organizer!  Anyone in the reading audience ever deal with civil servants?  Can you imagine what that job entailed?  The recent riots in Chicago tell the whole story about BHO’s accomplishments despite massive federal funding.

The author and many of his colleagues have extensive experience dealing with civil servants like BHO.  We all essentially have the same assessment.  They are complainers, indifferent, and continuously claim that they are underappreciated, overworked and underpaid.  But the one word that is used repeatedly to describe nearly all of them is LAZY.  They’re LAZY, just like BHO.

Need more proof about civil servants?  Those in the New York metropolitan area are all too familiar with Off-Track Betting (OTB) failures THAT WERE INITIATED BY Hazel Dukes during the Dinkins regime.  Imagine that a bookmaker couldn’t make money; thankfully for the taxpayers, Mayor Bloomberg shut them down.  And then there’s the Motor Vehicle Bureau at the state level and the Post Office at the national level.  And don’t forget the majority of teachers who are slowly but surely destroying our education system.

Here are a dozen notes from my LAZY file on BHO:

  1.  BHO has broken the record for vacation days for a President.  The Last Lady?  She’s even worse.  No self-respecting CEO would take as many vacation days as he does.  And how about both of them once flying in separate planes to the same destination at approximately the same time.
  2. Golf?  He’s broken that record too, including that of President Eisenhower.
  3. As noted by author Ed Klein (“The Amateur”), BHO simply doesn’t have enough time to meet with not only senators, congressmen, governors, the common folk, etc., but also with his staff.  He’s simply too busy.
  4. Anybody believe BHO wrote the book “Memories from My Father”?  Besides being LAZY, he’s also not capable.  I know…I’ve written nearly 100 books.  He doesn’t have what it takes to write a book since it is virtually impossible for a LAZY person to write a book.
  5. Most LAZY individuals have received lousy grades in school.  Every attempt to obtain his grades and performance during his earlier years has been rebuffed.  I wonder why?  Think about that.
  6. BHO is campaigning nearly all of the time.  He seems to love it – perhaps due to the fact (as detailed earlier) that he never stops lying.  Lying about the economy.  Lying about Israel.  Lying about President Bush.  Lying about the impact of his healthcare bill.  Lying about the cost of healthcare.  Lying about the state of the nation.  Lying about his book.  Lying about Fast-and-Furious.  Lying about the leaks of classified material.  Lying about transparency.  Lying about the jobs he saved.  Lying about Reverend Wright and, more recently, lying about his failed foreign policy.  Lying.  Lying.  Just lying.  It’s easier that way with a LAZY individual.  As I said earlier, it’s a way of life with BHO.
  7. BHO claims to have saved jobs.  BHO claims to have created jobs.  BHO promised to eliminate waste in government.  But, how can BHO claim the aforementioned when he is basically LAZY and never worked at a legitimate job before becoming a part-time President whose only assignment has been to read the teleprompter and continue to con the public?
  8. BHO has repeatedly appeared dumb because he was too LAZY to do his homework.  He criticized an Arizona Law that he admitted he had never read.  The same can be said about the Trevon Martin and Boston policeman/professor confrontation.  Could he be that LAZY (and perhaps dumb) not to get the facts first?
  9. BHO pushed hard for his healthcare bill despite the FACT that he had not read it.  No one could possibly believe that BHO would read a bill with its length and complexity.  Another FACT was that the bill was concealed from the public; so much for transparency.
  10. BHO and the Last Lady travel and vacation in style, being too LAZY to do otherwise.
  11. Finally, do the readers remember the concern raised about how a President would handle a “3:00 AM call in the morning.”  BHO had an opportunity to demonstrate quick-decision ability when he took 3 months (!!!) to decide on what action to take on increasing troop involvement.
  12. BHO finally (last month) held a press conference.  Could the explanation be that he is LAZY or unwilling to face his failures, i.e., the economy, the deficit, the energy dilemma, the immigration dilemma, Fast-and-Furious, White House leaks, his on-the-job attendance record, etc.?  And then, there is his foreign policy…a policy that has further polarized the world and moved us closer to a war, perhaps one of a nuclear nature.

Webster defines LAZY as:  “slack, not eager or willing to work or extend oneself; indolent; slothful.”  Whaddyathink?  Is he like most of you in the reading audience, or is he just plain LAZY?

Lou Theodore

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2 Responses to On Being Lazy

  1. Jeff says:

    If I remember correctly its actually mayor Bloomberg not Blumberg but I’m no expert.

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