August 31, 2012

The following articles on Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) appeared earlier:


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August 15:       On Being a Socialist/Communist

Is he an egomaniac?  Here’s Webster’s definition:

An intense and irresistible love for yourself and concern for your own needs.”

And, here’s what I have drawn from my Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) file.  Please note that a few of the quotes have appeared before, under a different category, in earlier articles.

BHO:     “I believe in American exceptionalism.”

FACT:   No one is more wise, virtuous and/or prudent.  NO ONE!  He believes he is exceptional, and unfortunately, he is … dumb, a racist, nasty, arrogant, etc., and, of course, an egomaniac.    Bottom Line:  He is an aloof, immoral intellectual.

BHO:     “I’m Lebron baby.  I can play at this level.”

FACT:   I’m 78 and I could take him, and I never played either scholastic or collegiate basketball.

BHO:     “I don’t want the folks who created this mess to do a lot of talking.  I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess.”

FACT:   The American people are going to have to pay to clean up his mess.

BHO:     “I was a Professor of Law.”

FACT:   He was a lecturer on leave…a title quite removed from Professor.

BHO:     “All the choices we’ve made have been the right ones.”

FACT:   Healthcare?  Stimulus bill? Eric Holder? Claiming executive privilege?  The debt?  How can a fair and objective individual classify these as the correct choices?

BHO:     “A democracy requires accountability and accountability requires transparency.”

FACT:   Like with the healthcare bill?  Or the stimulus?  Or “fast and furious?”  Unfortunately, he often legislates without accountability.

BHO:     “I think I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters.”

FACT:   That’s why he needs a teleprompter.

BHO:     “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.”

FACT:   Wow!  And this from someone who is basically dumb.

BHO:     “I tell you right now that I’m a better political director than my political director.”

FACT:   Of course.  Why not humor this egomaniac!

BHO:     “I make no apologies for being reasonable.”

FACT:   This is a measure of how delusional BHO really is.

BHO:     “I passed 900 bills in Illinois.”

FACT:   How about only 26?  It turned out he had no interest in the process or in learning about being a good senator at either the state or national level.

BHO:     “Overall, I think it is going to be pretty hard to argue that we have not executed a strategy over the past three years that has put America in a stronger position than it was when I came into office.”

FACT:   He actually made this statement.  Obviously he believes the electorate is not that bright…and he may be right.  Does he believe it, or is he lying, or is he just plain dumb?  Must be a combination of the three.

BHO:     My book:  “Dreams from my Father”.

FACT:   This was written before he was 30 years old and before he worked an honest day in his life.  How many people do you know would have written their autobiography at that early a stage?  Don’t be surprised in the near future to see pictures of this saint-like (or is God-like) individual plastered all over the country.

BHO:     When warned about the potential disaster for the Democratic Party in the 2010 elections, he commented:  “the big difference here (is) you’ve got me?”

FACT:   As we know, the Democrats got clobbered.

My thought process turns to Greek mythology (home of my ancestors) when I think of BHO.  He reminds me of Zeus, King of all Gods, who is immortal and able to see what is obviously obscure to others.  He is also similar to the Oracles whose decisions and thought process required no justification.  Or perhaps Midas, who was granted the power to turn whatever he touched into gold.  Or perhaps (and even more appropriately) Hermes, the psycopomp god of thievery, cunning wiles, diplomacy, etc.

All of the above may be explained since everything was handed to him (as well as the Last Lady) because of his pedigree.  He just doesn’t understand that he is a servant of the people.  And, in the end, he and the Last Lady, unlike those who came before them, continue to be sanitized by the liberal media, rather than presented in a fair and objective manner.

A prediction:  If the race is close, or it looks like BHO is going to lose, look for him to increase entitlements, just like his recent move to retain the Hispanic voters with his delayed (3-1/2 years) illegal amnesty program.  Both he and the Last Lady now have such gigantic egos that they would sacrifice our country to get re-elected.  They are both spoiled brats and I do not think either would be able to handle a rejection.

Lou Theodore

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